Samsung SM3 as Saturn?

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Saturn’s new owners have already mention they had talks with Samsung about providing cars for the US market.
The Vue and Aura will be around for a couple of years, but Saturn needs something smaller to replace the Astra.

The all new SM3 is basically a Renault Megane with a trunk, and from Korea. So this car might very well end up over here.

Would you consider one?

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  1. Samsung stick to cell phones…you're not worthy! you're not worthy!

    Come on, this looks like an old Mazda 626 13 years too late. And if you think slapping a damn navigation system is gonna make this thing sell, hell Garmon has one on sell at Best Buy for $99.

    I said it once, and I will say it again….GM's dumbest move was selling Saturn, it was poised to be the GM's import fighter and with the new Opel models it would have helped the Saturn brand TREMENDOUSLY!

  2. eeeeehhhh…I don't know if I would or not. It seems like a nice enough car. Nothing ground breaking or anything that stands out though. Maybe these cars are the type you gotta see in person to appreciate. I'm sure they will be built well and all. If the price is right though, they'll probably sell well enough. At least the Saturn employees got to keep their jobs for the most part.

  3. Good idea. The Saturn brand and remaining dealers would be silly to throw away when there are Asian cars that could become suitable Saturns. Best to save the time and expense needed to establish entirely new brands.

    I think Penske will make of success of Saturn if he ends up buying it from GM.

  4. I actually think this would work. The SM5 and SM7 are ugly though. I would look elsewhere for larger sedans when it comes time to replace the Aura.

  5. I've seen these Meganes in person and my god are they grotesque. Very Gallic, and just the opposite of what Saturn has been trying to do the last few years (Teutonic, rational, crisp designs).

    To try and off these blobs as Saturns would betray a total misunderstanding of what the Saturn brand is supposed to be.

  6. Whats with all the height between the front wheel well and the top of the hood, gosh that's like 1 foot tall of metal and makes this look dorky, i remember when i could stand next to a countach,diablo, or a prelude and the hood would be near my knee, this hood is gonna be at belly level and looks odd !

  7. Hey, whoever compared the RENAULT MEGANE to a LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH, may I just say WTF are you talking about?

  8. This is definitely NOT an improvement for Saturns, which recently had finally gotten their act together and had some nice cars to choose from. This this has awkward, strange proportions and absolutely no identity. In a market as driven by image as North America, how can they think this can establish itself in the market? This on top of the fact that everyone will know that it is nothing more than a re-badged Renault made in Korea… that'll be a huge help to its sales. Stick a fork in Saturn… they're done.

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