Suzuki Kizashi. Production VS. Concept

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Just enough changes to make it lame and almost unattractive.
The concept looked production ready, years ago….

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  1. It doesn't look bad but I agree with you, concept cat was more interesting and should had been released then.

  2. almost reminiscent of the sebring on top… and almost reminiscnet of the camry on the bottom…. hmm.

  3. They barely look the same. Given the lousy designs coming out of Japan it's a safe bet that design by committee is alive and well across the Pacific. Too bad.

  4. The designers of the original concept must be livid. I can only guess at how Suzuki got from point A (concept) to point B (production car) but I imagine it was a lot of bean-counting, accountants that fucked up their design and justified it by saying that Suzuki doesn't sell sexy cars and needs to play it safe. Once in a while you need some executives with some balls to be less risk averse and override those arguments. Hyundai could have played it safe and not released the Genesis products. Luckily someone had some balls at Hyundai.

    The bottom car looks really good and much more expensive than it probably is. The top car looks like bland, boring, shit. Nice job Suzuki. Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  5. Suzuki always has amazing concepts and then produces a car that is similar but toned down way too much. swift, aerio etc. nothing new but still disappointing.

  6. What a dissapointment. No doubt I'll be looking at the next Sonata or the Magentis replacement rather than this bar of soap.

  7. The concept was simply stunning. It was also very producible. Suzuki needs the kind of recognition that the concept would have brought. They need something to stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately, for them, they have gone the same route as Toyota and produced a blandmobile.

    It is ok for Toyota to build bland cars. They are Toyota, a known quantity. Suzuki is not. They cannot afford to be bland.

    I see nothing but FAIL here.

  8. I don't see why they are still in the US if this is all they can provide. The concept would have been something a little different at least. This is ho-hum.

  9. It looks really lame. About as memorable as the Esteem. Isn't Kizashi a breakfast cereal that's good for you but tastes really bland? Maybe the name fits.

  10. im so pissed about this car i cant even describe it. i was completely willing to give the Kizashi concept (which they repeatedly stated would be close to production) a look.

    same thing with the Honda Sport4 that was supposedly the next TSX AND the Lexus LF-XH… both really pissed me off. HOWEVER, the new TSX is a great design and if i dont think about the LF-XH when looking at a new RX, I think it looks proper.

    This Kizashi is a garbage design compared to what they promised… I want them to read this, they RUINED ALL THE KIZASHI design language…

  11. Ok the concept was top five best concepts at the New York Auto show. I thought this was a camry rival but after looking at in in prodcution it looks like a c segment watered down car. The cocnept looked original this face looks like the 2006 Altima and the back reminds me of the Yaris. The concept was a better looking camry. What happened?

  12. Predict that Suzuki will no longer be a free standing brand in the nexr 2-4 years. You can't survive with products as poorly done as this.

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