Suzuki Kizashi

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I guess this is supposed to be unveiled tomorrow.
But no one seems to care, really…
A smallish mid sized sedan from a manufacturer that most people have never heard of.
Plus, there is nothing about the car that stands out from the crowd.

I am sure it’s a nice car. I just don’t see who will ever actually buy one…

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  1. A slightly smaller, slightly cheaper, slightly uglier Chrysler Sebring ( The 2002 model ). With slightly less reliability.

  2. It could be a VW… It could be a Chrysler… I doubt this will attract many buyers that would otherwise by a Kia or a Honda.

  3. Brillaint design inside and out. Checked inside picture on some other site and it looks stunning. I think they will just do fine here in NA.
    Great work Suzuki..keep it up..
    I cant imagine people saying chrysler looks better then this….strange

  4. Such a dissapointment. Why couldn't they at least keep the same windows and chrome from the concept? They are doing stuff that Hyundai grew out of doing 10 years ago!

  5. The hard part will be getting customers to look at it after selling cheap Daewoo cars for years. Their brand image in USA is a car for poor people, low price, predatory lending. They have few dealers anyway.

  6. Suzuki makes really awesome motorcycles, that said… Suzuki should stick to making really awesome motorcycles.

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