Suzuki SX4 Sportback

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I’ve never seen many SX4s around where I live.
I do like the way they look.
But I always thought that standard AWD was not necessary. Especially around here.

Suzuki will now market in the US a FWD version of the car, with a slightly more powerful engine (150hp)
The automatic switches from a 4 speed to a CVT.
I guess the FWD version would be lighter, although the CVT might just kill that advantage, depending on how it is calibrated.

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  1. Lets just hope its a little cheaper, they advertise on tv and the paper for 16k, but when i went to the local suzuki dealer they were all pushing 20k with dismal fuel mileage ! so by the time you get the free gas and 2k rebate on them its still a ripoff.

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