2010 Honda Crosstour

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So far we can only see the front end of the all new hatchback version of the Accord.
I would guess the regular Accord sedan will also end up with the new grille.

A much nicer design than the current chrome rectangle…

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  1. From what I have seen so far and the spy pictures I actually really like it! I hope that it is offered with a AWD option and a four cylinder for great fuel mileage.

    It should be a nice addition for Honda.

  2. the 2010 accord already came out and the grill looks the same as the previous models (www.honda.com/accord)

  3. Cool, Honda gave up on the Pilot and Ridgeline Grille they had planned for the 2010 Odyssey and now they are using the same 2009Odyssey Grille on the Accord Hatchback. Just like Acura, we will probably see all Hondas with the same type grille in the near future!

  4. I have to say that this is looking like a winner in the styling department. Get this designer over to Acura ASAP.

  5. Wow, the way the headlights and grill connect is very "Acura". Honda should watch themselves. People will possibly get this mixed up with that new Acura crossover. Lexus and Infiniti do good jobs of looking different from Toyotas and Nissans, but Honda's cars are looking more and more alike to me.

  6. " Anonymous said…
    WAGONS ARE BACK!!! Venza, Pacifica, Edge, Journey, Mercedes-R, CR-V, Magnum…"

    Well to be honest, the Edge, Journey, pacifica, and CR-V aren't really wagons. The Magnum is dead by the way. But goodluck honda.

  7. I give props to Infiniti for looking different enough from Nissan, but Toyota and Lexus? Give me a break! The ES 300 is a tarted up Camry, hardly distinguishable if not for the logo.

    And all the disproportionate angles comments from a couple of very close teaser shots? Gosh, people, post something intelligent please!

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