2010 Hyundai Tucson

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Just a couple more official pictures of the version sold in Korea.
Called Tucson iX.

Just plain old Tucson here…

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  1. I think this looks fantastic!

    I can't wait to test drive one. I really hope that we get some good engine options though, I doubt we will get the diesel though…

  2. A very attractive vehicle except for that super-busy, insect-mouth-like front end. Looks like a Giant wood-boring beetle coming attcha.

    The wavering gaps between the plastic bumpers and metal panels is disconcerting.

  3. I loved the original Murano (owned one until it fell apartn) from an appearance stand point (still do). I hate Nissan for what they did to the new gen…quite honestly – while not QUITE there for style – it is miles ahead of the current gen Murano.

  4. How can people rave about this? It's a formulaic and predictable design. It's practically invisible, especially in this Camry-beige color.

  5. I guess people are too dumb to do a side by side of the VERACRUZ (and not the Murano) which is what this has styling cues from.

  6. I hate the grille on this thing.

    IMO, they should've made the lower intake bigger, and reduced the size of the lower half of that bug-mouth grille.

  7. Amazing, really beautiful. I currently purchased my first Nissan/Rogue, but is is nicer than a current Murano, Lexus,Highlander and Pilot.
    I migth get one.
    The only problem IMO, is still a Hyundai meaning, when you'll turn in in for a trade(me I do it every couple of years) you won't get much for it.
    I would buy a Hyunday anygiving day rather than buying an American brand name car.
    The only thing I don't like about my current Nissan/Rogue is that there is not much power, only a 4Cylinder.

  8. love the style hate the hyundai / kia company for very weak/poor warranty practices that I experienced. Sorry for saying that here, but it's true. anyone else?

  9. I LOVE Hyundai's designers because only THEY can get away using a design from 1994 and turn it into something current:


    Also, take a GOOD look at the front of the new Tucson and the rear of the 2011 Sonata….they looks like mirror images to me and I think that's really cleaver. Only Hyundai can keep a 16 year old design cue fresh! I'm serious, there's no sarcasm here. Most other automakers cycle through "brand" design's once every 10 years. Hyundai does deviate every so often, but they usually stick to "old" ideas and used a single car's past design as the starting point for a "family" looks. It's just sad that no other automaker can really to this.

    I do admit that GM and Ford have finally gotten around to creating a lasting "brand family" look for their vehicles which I think will stick around for a long time, but it took too long.

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