2010 Lexus ES

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Spotted in Japan.
Weird because I didn’t know this was sold a Lexus over there.
That new squared off grille is horrible. It just doesn’t fit the rest of the car.
It resembles the horrific looking new RX, which I guess is the point.

A useless “facelift” that nobody was asking for…

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  1. The ES isn't sold in Japan and this is an export model. The steering wheel is on the left-hand side.

    Definitely not an improvement in style but don't worry. It will only be on sale for another year or so before it dies off. Lexus is dropping it when the Camry gets redesigned to focus on the IS and HS so that there is a tad more separation between Toyota and Lexus.

  2. The first Anonymous poster is correct. The ES is not offered in the Japanese domestic market. It was designed for the US market and is built in the US by the Camry.

    The Other Lexus models were built in Japan to begin with. Before 2005, they each had their own Toyota nameplates. When the Lexus brand was brought to Japan, the reception was luke warm. That is probably due to Toyota jacking up the prices. I think it is also due to Toyota having one helluva fantastic cars in the Crown series. I would much rather have Crown Majesta than a Lexus GS or even an LS.

  3. A Camry in drag with an ugly Avalon front end. Toyota is on the same road GM was on about 5 years ago. They better wake up.

  4. wow these cars are disgusting. poor, poor design. it's as if the design criteria was to make an invisible car. An infiniti g37x would love to twist up this metal.

  5. This thing was and is so butt ugly and boring it is crazy that they even sell them.

    That being said, I think it is one of Lexus' best sellers so I doubt they will drop it. It may not be a direct and obvious relative of the Camry with a new release, but I'll be happy if they drop it because this puke is painful on they eyes.

  6. the headlights lay down like the last generation Acura RL's did. I don't like the Lexus design these days. I like the VG design better. They took the ES's desing and made it look better. Will this turn heads. Funny, if people don't think the 2010 Kia Sorento won't get noticed, why would this?

  7. These aren't the best pics. Disagree about the new RX, it looks pretty much the same as before, and most reviewers have had generally nice things to say about its look, except that it seems to blend in too much. Similar with the ES, sure there are tweaks here and there, but overall the shape is unchanged. If anything, these cars are nowhere near as horrific looking as some of the Bangled SUVS (e.g. X3) or the back-to-1980s MBs (new E350). But they aren't the beauty leaders either, more middle-of-the-road.

  8. i don't like Lexus' new squared off grills either. being different is great, but make it look nice.

  9. All Lexus cars and trucks are absolutely disgusting, whit the exception of the LS which is not too bad. The LS is generic, but I don't think it's a bad design. People who drive an ES probably don't even know which wheels move the car, or why that would ever matter. It's just a poseur-mobile.

  10. I think we're seeing an awful move being played out by Toyota, and it's called "playing it safe". Every design they've come out lately is a slight tweek of the current model, nothing is new. The sadest part is that Rick is right. I lived in Tokyo for 3 years and they have some cars over there that would knock the socks off of what they bring here, i.e. Crown series. I just don't understand why they don't, it makes no sense.

  11. Zakk, that's because this IS a slight tweak of the current model. It's simply a mid-cycle refresh, not an all-new version.

    The RX, on the other hand, was an all-new model and is just plain ugly. Not CR-V, Rodius, or Aztek ugly, but close.

  12. I think we're seeing an awful move being played out by Toyota, and it's called "playing it safe" -no kidding. Toyota only has 2 moves: 1)COPY the best seller. and 2)PLAY IT SAFE (minimal changes).

  13. it's pretty funny, for many, many years, everytime there's news about lexus ES/RX, you always get a flock of ppl coming in and attacking it, then you read the next month's sales report, both the es/rx are still the top selling luxury vehicles. lexus currently sells head to head against benz and BMW in terms of overall # of vehicles sold, so you might not like it, but there are more than enough ppl out there who can't wait to buy one

  14. People buy the ES/RX because they are a Lexus (and don't realize they're just glorified Camry/Highlanders). It's certainly not for looks. It's the same reason some people blindly buy Mercedes-Benz and BMWs. It's all about the name.

    And there's also the fact that until recently, the ES and RX had no competition. The only competition the RX had was the more expensive and harsh-riding X3. The Audi Q5, MB GLK, Volvo XC60, and resized Cadillac SRX just came about in the last year. Lets see how the RX is selling after a couple years of actual competition.

    The only competition the ES has is the MKZ and LaCrosse, which again didn't really become competitive until now.

  15. Someone need their facts checked — as if Lexus was the only one competing in these segments? The ML, X5 Enclave, FX, MDX and others have been around for at least several years now, if not more. All RX competitors, believe it or not. Add to that the Q5, which is sized more like the original RX, and the GLK, which is even smaller–the SRX is really the closest. And cross-shopped with the ES, there's been the TL, G35, MKZ, LaCrosse, Lucerne, Genesis, S60, not to mention in the past there's been the I35, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, Cadillacs, Volvos, even midsize 'non-luxury' models like the Maxima, Avalon, etc. Some of these have come and gone, but the market has hardly been left to the ES itself. Probably the only thing that keeps its repute is the fact that it's been consistently produced and updated.

  16. I think Lexus is deliberately uglifying this latest ES to signal an end to come. What's up with the grill, front air dam, and fog lights?? They even got rid of the bump on the front bumber and flattened it…yuck. Those tailights are pretty gaudy and really make no sense, style-wise. I could've redesigned them better. They don't even make the panoramic roof anymore for these models.

  17. the COMBINED sales of the Q5, GLK, XC60, X3 and SRX per month is still far less than the monthly sales number of the RX. I don't see how a "couple years" is gonna change anything, maybe in a "couple years" the COMBINED sales of Q5, GLK, XC60, X3 and SRX will be on-par with the RX, but that's still a farcry from any of the vehicles listed above to actually challenge the sales number of RX by itself, it will take decades for one of these cute-utes to even reach half the sales of the RX. if sales number means anything, there's a chance that you will literally already be long-dead before some of these entry-lvl-utes to outsell the RX

  18. Hot cakes don't sell very well…Why is this stupid cliche still being used? Like "nothing to write home about"…At least update to "email home about"

  19. "I would much rather have Crown Majesta than a Lexus GS or even an LS." –me too. I might consider a Toyota product more seriously if Crown or Celebrity were availabe here. I don't really consider the generic-looking Lexus line to measure up to STS, MKS, Jag, BMW 5 or 7, Chrysler 300, or any of the more stylish alternatives available in the states.

  20. The front end resembles its big brother the LS.

    Lexus is now being sold in Japan. Maybe Toyota thinks there will be a market for the ES there too. Why not! more money for Toyota.

  21. Agree that the new RX is selling like hot cake here in the DC area. I have seen more of it now than the older models and it only been out for maybe a few months?

    Toyota thinks Lexus would do well on its own home market too that it is selling Lexus brand there as well. So why not the ES there?

  22. Toyota knows marketing. I remember owning the first gen RX300 (1999) and was a member of the Lexus forum here in the states. There were so many Japanese enthusiasts on the forum and they all want to 'convert' theirs Harrier to a Lexus. I traded with one member and he was ecstatic.

    I guess Toyota is now feeding their dream. So why not an ES for the home market.

  23. Yes these things sell like crazy. But lets face it, most of the people you see driving them are either over 65, or just plain retarded looking. Likewise, the RX has been the default choice of non-thinkers like a Cutlass was in the early 80s. Toyota has done a wonderful job at tarting-up a pig and then selling it to people who don't know any better.

  24. Toyota has done a wonderful job at tarting-up a pig and then selling it to people who don't know any better.

    August 24, 2009 3:40 PM

    Thats what most american brands have been doing for decades and still do.

  25. "Thats what most american brands have been doing for decades and still do."

    Yes it is. Maybe this is some sort of foreshadowing of what is going to happen with Toyota.

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