2010 Nissan Leaf

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The first all electric car from Nissan.
Here are some of the info:

-On sale late 2010
-Range of 100 miles per charge
-Acceleration comparable to the Infiniti G35
-Full charge takes 8 hours

So far so good. It sounds like a good city car.
We’ll see …

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  1. This thing is going to pull 0-60 times in the low 5's???

    At least it will sound better than the NVH laden VQ35.

    This thing is just another ugly Nissan.

  2. awesome, it took Nissan to offer the masses an all electric car. Lovely, wonderful, the future is green and bright thanks to Nissan. God bless 'em.

  3. it is a marvel, a gorgeous , cute , sweet savior of our planet. years from now, this will be in the smithsonian for it's sheer beauty in regards to how it was the first step in saving the planet.

  4. it looks like a mini murano, the worlds prettiest Crossover, love it, love it! calculations show it can't lose.

  5. this is a car that makes me giddy. a greener planet, by Nissan, I love them for it. I will get the first one.

  6. looks like the new Versa body with an electric drivetrain. a truly dedicated electric platform (read:expensive) would not need to be configured like a conventional car, like this one it.
    still, better looking than the current Versa…

  7. This is a very cool looking car! I hope it's also a hint at what the next gen Versa may look like. To those of you who can't understand how anyone could view this as a good looking car, I say, please get out of our way. The future is coming!

  8. I don't understand why people get so upset and angry towards 'green' vehicle. It's a free world and you don't have to like everything you see in this world. And this kind of car is not for everyone. I don't see this type of car to be mainstream yet. But give it couple years, I'm sure things will changed and people will start accepting the new 'concept' of driving a green vehicle. Just looked at hybrid cars for example.

  9. Vince,

    I think Nissan has discovered your site and we got bombarded with profusely positive BS about this electric Versa. Half of the comments are probably coming from Nissan.

  10. Okay since nobody on this blog has the guts to say it…damn it I WILL!

    To bloggers: Dr. Honissett, La Vita Polita, blown away, lover of the planet, premier, i'm in line, and Anonymous @ 12:36…please take no offense I don't want to make you cranky when you return back to work at Nissan Design and Public Relations Department tomorrow. But since I didn't make it to church this morning…f-u-c-k it! Here it goes!!!

    I'm all for green cars, I even like some hatchbacks, I like Nissan….but come on I mean seriously…SERIOUSLY! It's good to be green, even smoke a little green now and then, but damn yall must be like Dave Chapelle in "Half Baked" to like this piece of sh*t! Look at the ass on this car….ever seen a woman where her ass goes in instead of out…NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL!

    I can deal with the front…the interior uck!….But i agree with the bloggers who wonder why does green cars have to be fugly and awkward looking!

    So come on Nissan Design and Public Relations Department if you really want to Save The World….don't produce this piece of sh*t….give us what it offers in a better exterior package…like a real intelligent woman who believes in saving the planet in the body of Megan Fox! GET IT!

  11. I'm not a Nissanbot, but I think the underlying car (which I'm assuming will become the next Versa/Tiida) looks quite attractive. Certainly it's much better than the current slab-sided horror.

  12. Gee, the first electric vehicle, of course people are excited! This is the start of a new era, and Nissan, for once, is first….
    Why do people feel upset? Change threatens some people.

  13. I can only guess that aerodynamics played a role in what has occurred with the styling. The concept is great and the interior is fantastic. At this point, Nissan needs to get on the phone with an Italian design studio to give their poor ugly duckling, a styling makeover. I am sure it can be fixed by competent designers and then the car can be a complete success.

  14. You people do realize that CO2 makes plants green…Right? This is a tree-starver mobile…I can here the trees crying whenever a Prious goes by.

  15. Every single Nissan fanboy is out on this one.

    "premier said…
    beauty looks , beauty function

    August 2, 2009 10:59 AM"

    No, it isn't beautiful, it is ugly as sin.

  16. To the last anonymous:

    C02 = Carbon Dioxide
    C0 = Carbon Monoxide

    C02 is a by-product of energy production in animals, and as you point out, is an ingredient in photosynthesis in plants.

    CO is a by-product of energy production in most internal combustion engines, and is not used by plants.

    To everyone else:
    This looks no worse than the Prius (better to me), and that sells plenty. This will sell too, regardless of how ugly you think it is. You are on a car enthusiast website, and are not statistically representative of the car purchasing population.

  17. CO "burns" in the atmosphere…turning to it's natural CO2 or else billions of years of CO seeping from the earth would have killed all biological life. There is near zero CO produced by cars today.

  18. CO2 is what heats up the planet and this car produces no CO2. If you charge it with renewable electricity, no CO2. Even if you charge it with coal-fired electricity, it would be responsible for half the CO2 of a regular car.

    The good news is that Nissan is succeeding where others have failed and it will help stop dangerous global warming and dependence on mideast oil. The bad news is that the US automakers are going to get left behind unless they seriously change their course.

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