2010 Peugeot RCZ

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Finally a true TT fighter.
And without copying the German car, it has its own personality.

Not for the US…Of course…

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  1. Hmmm.

    Glad its not for the US, it reminds me of french exchange chick I shagged back in college, she had a huge nose, a big mouth, but one hell of a body, down south we call that a "butta-face", meaning everything looks good but her face.

    The bubble roof looks like a pair of tits, and whoa look at that ass, nice! Wow I bet it can ride nice too! No pun intended…..who the f*ck am i kidding…pun intended.

  2. Okay Penski, sing it with me ….

    …. …. S
    …. …. A
    …. …. T
    …. …. U
    …. …. R
    …. …. N

    Let's all sing like the die-hards sing
    sweet, sweet sweet, sweet sweet!

  3. I'm not crazy about Peugeot's nose and gaping mouth, but somehow it works better on this car than some of their others. That rear
    window/roof is fun and quirky.

    There is a lot of influences in this car that are Germanic or perhaps Italian. The over all shape is very much like the Audi TT, but those fenders remind me of the Karmann Ghia.

    How much? Yes, I have to ask so it's probably out of my reach.

  4. Is the windscreen part of the roof as well?
    If so make sure you insurance policy includes glass cover.

  5. Alot of people who never seen this before will 1st say ohh YUCK ! then say HMMMM, then say OHHH, then they will say daddy likey !!

  6. Mmmm… Peugeot did not copy the Audi TT they became more ambitious and copied the Audi R8 kudos to the body and dashboard design…

  7. I love this. The roofline is very TT. but so is a semicircle. I think this is very distinctive… in a good way, not in a typically French way.

  8. It may be awesome. But will it get noticed since it's not original? Will it. People think the Sorento won't get noticed because it looks like a Lexus RX. Like the MDX looks like a Lexus RX. Like the Pacifica has those same rear pillars like the RX. The new Equinox looks like the 1st generation Acura MDX because of that think pillar that's found on the Mercedes M class, Toyota 4 Runner. Kia Sorento. 1st generation Lexus RX. Honda Past Port. But Kia only copied.

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