2010 VW Jetta???

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That’s weird.
The wagon gets the new front end, similar to the new Golf, but not the sedan???
The new Golf also has an all new interior. I wonder if the Jetta wagon does too.

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  1. The Jetta will have the new face and interior for the 2011 model year.

    The Jetta Wagon will now be the Golf Wagon, thus sporting the new interior from the Golf as well as the new front fascia from the Golf.

  2. Hasn't the wagon only been on the market for 2 model years prior to this? It's weird that they wouldn't upgrade the sedan…it's stale from 2006.

  3. Yes Vince.. The Jetta Wagon gets the all new interior for 2010 model, just like the New Golf (by the way, in Europe the "Jetta Wagon" is known as "Golf Variant".

  4. Thats right .. in Europe its called Golf Variant or Golf Estate, so tahts why we don't see the change on the sedan.

  5. Why the different grills? Does anybody really care in a small economy car? I would think they'd be doing anything they could to keep the price down there with Corolla & Kia

  6. VW North America is will sell the Golf wagon here as the Jetta (new front end and interior) even though the Jetta sedan won't receive the new front or interior. The 2010 will have a revised interior (with the new corporate steering wheel, radio, HVAC, etc), but it will otherwise be the same as the 2009s. The 2011 model will have a new look (recently shown on spy shots on leftlanenews).

  7. Also a new Jetta is expected in the 4th quarter of 2010, so it wouldn't make sense for VW to update it so late in its product cycle.

  8. The Golf gets totally new to reduce construction cost and the Jetta gets face lift now and new in 2011. and in US market since 09 but rest of EU for long time.

  9. In Europe the "jetta" sedan doesnt exist, and the wagon is a Golf Wagon, they redesigned the golf, its normal.

  10. Who cares, it will still be an unreliable POS.

    Check Consumer Reports and JD Power dependability studies, not initial quality because that doesn't mean jack.

    My 2007 Jetta was a terrible vehicle, I'd never purchase another VW product again.

  11. Thanks for stealing my image, Vince. Yes.. the wagon does get the same interior and outer door skins as the Golf.. the sedan is getting a more substantial redesign to the rear doors and trunk, so they held off on the new front end until the rest of the redesigned sedan debuts. But it was rather jarring to see the new front end in the brochure considering the new Golf hasn't arrived in the US yet.

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