2011 BMW X3?

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Who knows.
This is just an illustration, so it could technically look like that. Or not….

The current X3 looked old as soon as it came out, I think anything they do will be an improvement.

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  1. As a Bimmer owner this saddens me. Unlike many I kinda like the BMW X1, but if the X3 looks anything like this. BMW just dropped the soap, and took one of the shooter! Who the f*ck would by this over the X1? I hated the previous X3, this is a tad bit better but it still sucks!

  2. Vince, you posted this as an X1 render about 2 months ago and passed it off as a production shot. Have you got alzheimers?

  3. I'm with Philthy. Isn't this an X1? IMHO it looks too similar to the X1 concept to be anything else.

  4. Gaaack! That is another fugly BMW design. What is happening to them? The front looks like an angry pig's snout! I think a "Bangle Butt" looks better!

  5. This is ugly enough to be a real photo of the 2011 X3, especially given BMW's recent styling direction

  6. Wow, just wow. It's both poorly proportioned and old looking. The heat pump in my back yard looks better. With only a couple of infrequent exceptions, BMWs stopped being appealing about ten years ago. Maybe I'm taking this way too personally, but I really used to love these cars. But there is no passion within this brand anymore.

  7. Give me a CR-V EX-L and I'll pocket the extra $14,000+ to get a similarly equipped X3. I'll put that money in my sons college fund and call it a day.

    This thing is ugly, and a waste of money.

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