2011 BMW5 series

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Nothing unexpected, since we’ve already seen the GT hatchback version of this car.
The sedan pictured here as a slightly different lower bumper that the hatch.

And will probably be the most popular version when it comes out.

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  1. Vince, I think you just confirmed how the next BMW 3 Series is going to look like by posting this 5-Series picture. We know that the exterior design of the upcoming 5 series will look pretty much the same as the current one. The same could say about the 3-Series. The biggest new change in BMW's latest design direction is the bigger and rounder front lights, which can be seen on the last illustration of the 3 Series you posted.

  2. I think BMW has run out of ideas. The last 3 years of 3,5, & especially 7 series have become malformed caracatures of their 2000-2004 designs. I think they're trying to please the high-volume mainstream without losing loyalists — but they'll probably wind up losing both.

  3. What's with the facial expressions for cars nowadays? First the CR-V then Mazda now this. Are automotive facials the new trend?

  4. In defense, I represent a whole new group of BMW following. I have always hated BMW designs, the first design I ever like of a BMW is the current 5-series on the market now. I for one love the changes that BMW are taking…its turning people who were not BMW buyers to BMW buyers.

    Okay so BMW may be saying f*ck the people who have follwed us in the past, you are either with us on design or not. I never cared for Bangle's designs, but I did like the current 5. However I think Hooydonk's interpretations of bangles design are nice and refined with a hint radical nature. I never though I would by a BMW, but I bout my 7-series in March as soon as they hit the showroom floor. And I love it from the exterior to the interior.

    The new X1, Z4, X6, and now this upcoming 5 are beautiful cars. I think design wise BMW is going in the right direction. Yeah we can pick apart what we don't like…I didn't like the 7 when Vince posted it on here, but when I went to the dealership, I fell in love with it.

    People said the current 5 wouldn't be a big seller, people said it was ugly, and that it lost its soul. Well for the ones who thought that It was the second to best seller after the 3 for BMW. So taking chances in design says something. I mean really if you don't care for it, do you think BMW actually cares. For all they care you could wrap your mouth around this 5-series tailpipes and give it a blowjob, and kiss their Bangle and Hooydonk's ass….lol They will still make money on this and it could turn out to be the best 5-series ever.

    Now I'm not a BMW salesman but as many of you know by now I'm REAL in my opinion and the sh*t I write. So I am a BMW owner, but that doesn't make me bias. Do I think BMW can improve on some things? Hell yeah. But in my opinion they are not as bad as the silent majority thinks.

    End f*cking quote!

  5. Noboy is saying that BMW's have gone bad. I'm sure they're just as good as they ever were. Just that they've gotten ugly. And who among us doesn't get uglier as we get old & tired?

  6. Anonymous said…
    Noboy is saying that BMW's have gone bad. I'm sure they're just as good as they ever were. Just that they've gotten ugly. And who among us doesn't get uglier as we get old & tired?

    Point well taken, mines differ of course I think that BMW designs are the best they have ever been. And yes some people do get uglier as they get older and tired, but many go and get botox, facelift, new tits, ass implants, also take some ginseng get the stamina up! And to me that is what BMW has done….a total rework…..and its good!

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