2011 BYD E6

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There is serious rumors about this all electric Chinese car making it to the US as soon as next year, as a 2011 model.
It would be priced under $40 000, and can run about 300 miles on a single charge.

It does sound interesting. But still.. $40 000… For an average looking car.
I wonder how much will Nissan charge for the new Leaf.
And Honda has announced they will jump into the all electric car market by 2015.
Ford is working on an all electric version of the next Focus as well…

The next few years will be quite interesting…

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  1. Okay.

    One small thing they could do to improve the exterior is black out all the door frames around the windows.

  2. not great design. bland outside. inept inside. at $40k it will be the slowest seller since the Civic Hybrid.

  3. It looks like they have totally copied the Prius, especially on the interior. I own a Prius but like the styling of this much better.

  4. I'd honestly buy a Chinese vehicle over the Nissan Leaf. I will never again own another Nissan product after my 2004 Maxima.

    "Anonymous said…
    not great design. bland outside. inept inside. at $40k it will be the slowest seller since the Civic Hybrid.

    August 25, 2009 4:00 AM"

    The Civic Hybrid actually sells decently.

    Why don't you say something like a Routan or G3 or some other crap model???

  5. The exterior looks unfinished and crude. A 1984 Chrysler minivan was more refined than this. The interior design is on par with contemporary vehicles, but the execution is very questionable. For example, what modern car has visible airbag seams anymore? They look uneven and sun warped in this shot. And the shifter gate looks like I can pry it off with my finger. A $2000 Chinese built TV, maybe. But a $40,000 Chinese built vehicle… not a chance. I'll buy Japanese cars, and appreciate some Korean cars. But I'll never consider a Chinese vehicle until a lot changes with their work ethic and the quality of their products.

  6. I agree with Eat Me Out.

    The front looks like it was taken from the current gen Civic and the back of it taken from a Saturn Vue.

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