2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

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You can see it at the end of this new Cadillac commercial.
Which by the way, does not mention the STS and DTS.
2 cars that are still in production, but will be replaced by an all new model sometime next year.

I guess these “Grandpa Cadillacs” really don’t fit the new image anymore…

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  1. Although it's a neat commercial, I still don't get the order of vehicles….in each "booster stage." I should have gone biggest to smallest: SRX –> CTS Wagon –> CTS Sedan –> CTS Coupe.

    We all know the Escalade wouldn't have fit in this commercial either, which is ok because it has it's own.

    Can anyone tell me the last time they saw a DTS commercial? I know I've seen a few of the STS. Looks like they learned from the mistake they made with Saturn on how to discontinue models (by discontinuing advertisng).

  2. Great commercial. Cadillac's seems to be well focused, and I notice their products now when I'm driving.

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