2011 Infiniti M 3D reveal

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As you can see, the real car wasn’t actually there.

Cheesy meets spectacular…

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  1. Infinity is trying WAYYYY too hard to run with the big boys, it isn't working.

    Why does everyone say get a Maxima, it sucks. If you need FWD and you want to spend Infinity coin, get a TL, worlds better than the Maxima.

  2. Sorry, the TL is too weird for me. It is the kind of design with certain interesting angles, but not the whole package. And what is it with only FWD or AWD?

  3. the front end of this car carries a bit of the r34 skyline in it, which is nice.

    there are not many cars out there today that doesn't give you the yawn impression, especially sedans, and the few car designs out there that does arouse some attention tend to be embarassments like the silly beaks on the new acuras. infiniti is the only luxury car maker from japan that tries to have a rounder, more bulging and organic design instead of the run of the mill straight cut angle design of toyota and honda.

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