2011 Saab 9-5

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Looking pretty slick and modern on these new pictures.
A very simple design.

Saab seems on a good track with this. Let’s hope they can come up with a great new 9-3 soon.

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  1. I just can't warm up to this. I'm hoping it is more exciting in real-life. To me, it screams: "LTD II" or "Caprice Classic." It looks like a floaty boat ready to waft up and down the boulevards.

  2. The air intakes look different on these pictures than on the previous leaks. These are angled up, the others were straight. Sport model?

  3. I really like it. Not in my price range, but if I could I'd buy it just because it isn't a Bimmer or a Merc.

    Very nice looking car. Now that they have that GM monkey off their back, maybe Saab is rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

  4. Saab has benefited greatly from GM. They've got the best styling in the company's history, and what GM has penned for the next few years looks just as promising. Variety is the spice of life, and SAAB definitely is in that enviable position of offering style that's unique, without being stupid or too bizare.

  5. I fail to see which part is modern? Perhaps modern compared to current model?

    The front seems to have some Acura ZDX traits, the back could have been Lexus or other Japanese brand.

    It looks a bit like recent Chinese designs. Mix of existing designs. But sure new for Saab.

  6. People who've never driven a Saab should shut their cake-hole about judging how they handle. The basic architecture is GM, but Saab has always done the engineering and no saab could ever be accused of floaty driving.

    I'm shocked that people think that just because some brands don't want to use the nasty "flare" styling cues invented by Chris Bangle, that they somehow aren't worthy of being on the market.

    Saab is a huge seller in certain market (the northeast in particular and apparently in Austin, TX too) breaking into a larger market has always been their problem, but they are a small company and didn't have the resources. If you all keep pushing for everything to be a Merc or a Bimmer (both of which I wouldn't be caught dead in), then there won't be any automotive honesty or choice left for the consumer.

    There used to be a day when every brand was truly distinct. Sadly, that has been thrown away in a mad dash to generic-ville with just a hood ornament and a grill-design to tell the different between cars trying to be alike.

  7. Oh please, it it was Korean you would have said the roof line came from the Chysler 300 or the pillars came from a LandRover Range Rover or the 2005 KIA Mesa concept.

  8. People are brainwashed to hate on saab, not realising how innovative of a brand they are, and how much safety, turbocharging and green technology they brought to the industry.

    Just go drive a 9-3 aero with the awd and tell me saab does'nt build great cars…The misconception of saab is all thanks to gm's idiodic marketing and idea's.

    BTW this new 9-5 is a work of art, to the guy who says it looks like some caprice or something…Please ship me some of what ur smoking.

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