2011 Volvo V60???

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Why not>
They could make a wagon version of every single sedan they have.
The all new S60 is due soon.

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  1. Interesting, but it makes sense since the new V70 is more related to the S80 this time (before it was an S60 wagon anyway). It would make more sense to call the current V70 the "V90" since the V50 is the wagon version of the S40…but I can see them wanting to retain the V70's name recognition. They choose this route instead of actually fixing their name problem…it's not hard.

  2. If this was a Korean car people would say the greenhouse looks favors the Audi station wagan. No one will say the headlights favor the Kia cee'd since the cee'd is Korean. No one will say those things eccept "It's a great design". Put a Korean badge on there and lets see what people would say then.

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