2012 BMW 3 series?

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Another illustration of what it might look like.
Probably pretty close.

You know there won’t be many surprises, BMWs are more and more like sausages.
Same shape different sizes.

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  1. BMW = Boring Machines for Wannabees.

    I swear BMW designs are now as woefully passé as Porsche's.

  2. After years of contravershial designs they are now taking a break (big mistake). I guess their success has gone to their heads.

  3. Perfect example of a great beauty.
    People saying they dont like it, one day will buy one of those..:)

  4. Hmm… These latest BMW's almost resemble the Kia's. Or maybe its the other way around. But they're moving toward each other. I'm sure BMW couldnt rest on Bangle's design… since Toyota and every other design team have been trying to copy it. But it was at least edgy. These have lots that.

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