All new 2010 Kia Venga

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This new compact is supposed to be based on a longer version of the Kia Soul chassis.
So far, it is not for the US.
I guess this would compete with the Honda Fit.

Kia has been coming out with truly modern and attractive cars lately. And their new, more Audi like, large sedan is coming out soon as well.

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  1. The Soul is already bigger and heavier than the Fit. Why would a bigger version compete better?

    The only reason to like this one, is if you want a Kia but don't like the Soul. Though the Fit does beat out the Soul in cargo room.

  2. this is far more attractive than the Fit dorkmobile both inside and out. and this comes from a Honda "loyalist" of over 20 years.

  3. Hey Vince, do you think Kia and Hyundai models might be competing against each other? There's hardly a difference between their images except Kia being typically cheaper. Is there room in today's automotive climate for a S. Korean version of Chevy vs. Pontiac or Ford vs. Mercury?

    This model seems like it will likely be a Kia-only car, but this and the Soul seem to be the exceptions.

  4. cheap korean crap, copy from others, 2000 model RAV4 headlights, subaru rear tail gate, honda fit side profile

  5. Lets really get down to copying. Look at the Toyota Tundra, Lancer and then look at the VW Iroc concept. Now look at the side profile of the new Legacy and then look at the Honda Accord's side. Lets see. Look at the Suburu Forster's headlights and Outlander's headlights. Speaking of Outlander, it looks like the Lexus RX. Hmmm, Look at the Nissan Leaf, Insight and Prius's exterior mirrors. Look at the VW CC and the face of the CRV. LOOK at the CRV'S tailights and then look a vOLVO. Look at the CIVIC'S tailights and then look at the AUDI A4's. Look at the BMW X6 tailights and look at the Mailubu or Dymaninte taillights. Koreans are only copying? Look at the Toyota Venza's headlights and look at the Ford Edge's. Look at the 2006 Mazda 3 and look at the 2009 Corolla's headlights. Look at the Mazda 5's headlights and look at Toyota's Minivan' headlights. Now that's without look at something Korean. Also, the Subuaru Forster's face came from the 2005 Kia Mesa concept. And Horzantal headlights didn't get this popular until the 2006 Hyundai Sonata came out. Now EVERYONE has Horzantal headlights. Lincoln's lights look like Acura's.

  6. The Pontiac G8's greenhouse looks like the 2005 Nissan Altima. Heck that Aston Martin Rapide's greenhouse looks like a mix between the Dodge Charger and Jaguar XF. The Chrysler 300 looks like a cross between a Rollysroyce and 1990 something Caddy. Also, look at the thick rear pillars of the Pontiac G6, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Caddilac CTS. OH yeah the Infiniti, M side profile came from the Subuaru Legacy back in 2002 or something like that. Infiniti just made it longer. Everyone is saying the new Tucasn looks like the Murano but what about the Subaru Terbeca? The greenhouse from the Jeep Campass came from the Mitusbishi Outlander. The back of the 09' Maxima looks like a Civic Coupe. The Kia Forte looks more like an Acura TSX than the Civic which looks more like a 2002 Galant. The Lincoln MKR all that grille is is a BMW grille just bigger with Acura's headlights. TThe rear pillars looks like the CTS, cAMRY, sONATA, fORTE, and pontiac G6. The Camry's headlights and the Acura TL's headlights look alike like the Saturn Aura and Toyota Avalon headlights look alike. The Mitsubishi Eclips looks like the Kia KCV-3 concept from the side only way better looking.

  7. Look at the Back end of the Honda Pilot and look at the Scion XB's back end. If were going to talk about Hyundai/kia were going to talk about everybody. Why is it Hyundai/kia gets more negative remarks about designs and not the Chinese cars were they just stright clone? I don't get it?

  8. This car is a lot bigger than the Honda Fit. In Europe the fit compares with small cars like the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta but also microvans like the Renault Modus. The Kia Venga is the higher version of the cee'd like the VW Golf Plus from VW, or like the Seat Altea, Mercedes B-Class and somehow like the Ford C-Max. It's a compact (European) with a higher seating position that especially older drivers really like to drive.

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