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It looks OK.
It’s not ugly, really. But it sure won’t be noticed anywhere.
And there’s a lot of cheapo looking black plastic all over the exterior. The whole thing just looks to busy.
I actually think I like the current design a bit better.

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  1. The front actually reminds me of the Volvo XC60…it's very clean. From the side it's Acura meets Volvo and it's beautiful. The rear is what looks busy to me. It pay homage to the current Sorento, but adds in the new kia look (Forte coupe-like tail lights). I'm confused by the LED tail lights. Is this supposed to be more luxurious than the Santa Fe now?

  2. I'm really curious how this will compare to the rest of SUVs with new direct-injected 3.5L-V6 and 6-speed-AT.
    I have a feeling they'll sell a lot of them.

  3. Vince, Bottom line here is the cold hard fact that Kia's resale value is so far down on the food chain that anyone who invests their hard earned money on one of these should realize that if they ever decide to trade it in they will cry over the large sum of money they shelled out and will never get back in return!

  4. Very nice- Much more appealing IMO than it's competitors. (Except I think it looks a bit narrow). Beautiful design, except for the boring rear end. Overall, it looks like an Italian designed it!

  5. I'm a happy Kia owner and this thing is nice. As for not getting noticed, funny since when the new Accord got noticed, or the Pilot, or the Jeep Liberty, or the Chevy Cobalt or Corolla. Will the Sebring be noticed or the Galant? Will that new BMW get noticed since the face really has to stay the same to avoid from looking like other cars. What about Mercedes or VW bettles. Do they get noticed? When it comes to Hyundai/Kia they only get talked about when it comes to designs. What about Daewoos or cherys do they get noticed? Will the Chevy Cruze get noticed or the Saturn Outlook? Or even the Aurua? Huh? Will the new Infinit M get noticed or the Acura MDX or even the other Acuras? Or the new Lincolns that took Acura's headlights get noticed? How is a car suppsoed to get noticed when everyone is looking alike and not just the Koreans? One day all cars are going to look alike like air planes look alike and the only way you'll be able to tell them apart is by the logos. Does Toyotas get noticed? Or Subarus or Suzukis? What does it take to get through to you that everyone is copying? VW Ircoc, Lancer, Tundra hint faces. VW version of the town & country's tailights and Honda Civic's tailights.

  6. Looks pretty nice although the rear still seems dated. I think Kia's strategy of offering more higher end features for less money than rivals is working for them. Hyundai and Kia together are building well designed and good cars these days. Lease it to avoid depreciation concerns. They have also developed what sounds like a great diesel engine for this car, it will be a shame if they don't take advantage of that in North America

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