All new Hyundai Sonata

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Some view of the new front end.
We’ll see how it looks on the whole car.
So far so good…

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  1. Looks like they're getting the adaptative air flap system that was introduced by BMW a couple of years ago.

    Hyundai is definitely getting a serious player.

  2. Holy wrap around headlamps Batman, i sure hope them headlamps are cheap cause any kind of low speed impact is gonna kill both lamps !

  3. I think my next car may be a Hyundai Sonata. With what potentially seems to be a great looking car with a great warranty and a low price, this care could be the perfect car if it lives up to the Genesis hype.

  4. They are going to goof this up…Infantiles don't have jobs that pay enough anymore to buy these goof mobiles.

  5. What purpose does an "active air flap" serve? I'm not knocking this at all, I love this kind of stuff. But is it more gimmick than useful?

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