Another picture of the 2010 Hyundai Tucson

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It looks nice to me.
Sure, there is quite a bit of Murano in there.
But these days, there is lot of everything in everything.
So why not.

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  1. Vince, if you look closer and compare this to the current Veracruz, you will notice that there is far more familiar resemblance to the Veracruz, than Murano, Rogue or whatever.

    First a bit of history,The Santa Fe which was released back in late November 2006, was on the market almost 2 yrs before the appearance of the "Rogue" which aped it the shape and look of the Santa Fe.

    If anything the new Tucson is very much in the Hyundai DNA and has no so-called "Rogue" (a turdish sounding name for a set of wheels)so the family resemblance is a cross between the Santa Fe and Veracruz, which is far more accurate and realistic comparison.

    Either way this Tucson version 2.0 is looking a sleeker and much more upscale than the current frumpy, stale, odd looking model it will replace.

    Nice job Hyundai.

  2. The Pill is right, this looks like a miniature version of the Veracruz.

    I love the way that this new Tucson looks!!! I even like the name of it, I live in Tucson!

  3. 2/3 of an Enclave for 2/3 the price. O:K; but after you spend $3000 making the grill look less retarded, you might as well have gotten the Enclave. And get better reliability to boot!

  4. Vince, I beg you. Can you please post a side profile shot of a Veracruz for comparison purposes?

    "Anonymous said…
    Think this will have anywhere near the cargo capacity of the CR-V (36 / 73 cu.ft)?

    August 18, 2009 2:44 PM"

    I doubt it, the Tucson was smaller than the CR-V for its first generation. I doubt they enlarged it that much.

  5. It's more cohesive that that dumpy Rogue or that clinced-to-death committee-car CR-V. I'm sure it'll have way more presence and better stance than it's competitors.

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