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GM did show a few “secret” things to a few people last week, including an upcoming small RWD model for Cadillac.
The “Europe Only” BTS replacement has been in the work for a few years. So a hatchback was included mainly for the European market.
Which is what this picture (sent to me) is showing. Not sure if Cadillac will keep selling cars in Europe at all.
The the hatch might be out. Leaving a sedan and a coupe for the US market.
A great idea anyway. Competing mostly with the Lexus IS.

I’m sure GM will refer to this as a 3 series fighter. But the truth is, most BMW buyers won’t even consider anything else. They just want a BMW.

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  1. Yesy nice, and close to what I had expected of the ATS, which I'm glad is moving forward, but, I was also hoping to get a glimpse of the XTS, one of my high-lights of the meeting.

  2. Nice idea to have a smaller Cadillac, but this photo shows a terrible designed car. Almost like that Lancer hatchback.

  3. Far too much front overhang for a RWD car. But Cadillac is doing a good job of evolving its current (and handsome) design theme into every model. It's nice not to think of tailfins, crushed-velvet, petrochemical faux wood, and wire wheel covers when you hear the name Cadillac.

    Very nice indeed.

  4. No this isn't be the ATS. The ATS will resemble the SRX in the front end rather than the CTS. The ATS will come in four variants, a coupe, sedan, a roadster, and a hatchback.

    It is also based off of the Converj concept. It will come in 4 and 6 cylinder engine, wiith the sedan variant possibly getting a hybrid setup.

  5. I call bs on the photo. I heard the pic shown to the press was a two door, and I also heard the alpa platform was a go for the ats. The alpa is rwd. That dash to axle look fwd.

  6. I agree this doesn't look like a RWD car. Don't know where this came from, but I'm sure it's not the ATS.

  7. Can't wait for it to come to North America. If it matches the BMW 3's numbers and it undercuts it by a few thousand than they'll have a hit on their hands. Mind you that even if no one seems able to topple the king many brands have made great vehicles in this segment…ie G37, IS, C-class.

  8. What's the XTS? The new big one?

    ATS sounds like a security company.
    What were the other choices? BTS is out (bits, butts) PTS and RTS too (pits, rutts)…ZTS (zits) is taken (or is it?) or too close to the Acura ZDX.

  9. Definitely doesnt work for me, they better not f this up, they cant afford to, plus, they've been doin good so far!

  10. Any "small luxury" car is such an oxymoron that i just can't take them seriously — not even if they're the "Cadillac" of "small-luxury" cars.

  11. Look at the first sentence on the right: "It's much more like a normal saloon in feel". The Brits refer to sedans as "saloons". Why would the British term be used if this were actually real?

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