Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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There has been a few pictures of it out already. Even before the coupe came out.
But it’s always nice to see.
These are pre production cars in Australia.

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  1. These look nice. Much better than the aftermarket Camaro Convertible that is currently being offered. I tell ya, I would never have considered a Camaro if I hadn't seen it, but this look really nice in person. It might be a great weekend car!

  2. that tan top is hideous with that color.

    you know, gm released the original camaro concept so long ago to give the stockholders a little bit of hope for the future.

    to the casual auto-observer like me, this design is getting old and isn't very striking anymore, even in person. i just think in the age of the internet, the rollout should've been much more brisk to keep the design fresh.

    honestly, the camaro makes my blood boil less than a last-gen mustang at this point.

    it is so unfortunate. i would've given this car serious thought two years ago, but now…

  3. Nothing a few cans of black vinyl spraypaint for the roof wouldnt fix.

    Now that's a white trash comment with which even a douchebag can't argue.

    Well said.

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