Chevrolet Orlando?

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Taken from one of these GM promotional videos.
And seen through a Camaro side window.
The one on the right looks like the production version of the Orlando concept.
But the smaller one on the left has a front end more similar to the Volt.

A crossover Volt????

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  1. Bye bye minivans. First went the Ford Windstar…er…Freestar (whatever), then the fugly Chevy Uplander badge engineerapalooza.

    Looks like Hyundai, Kia, Il Divo di Chrysler and Vee Dub will be the only ones doing vans next year, eh?


  2. A crossover Volt might have a chance of selling a few. Americans prefer roomy vehicles not little loser cars.

  3. "A Crossover Volt". Sounds very promising. In fact, it's an amazing idea. It'll need a bigger motor though, and it won't get 230 mpg city, that's for sure. But the EPA should be in the triple-digits also.

  4. Yes GM is on top of things arn't they douchbag jones. They get their models from Korea and rebadge them as american Chevrolet.
    Yes douchbag your favorite and traditional company is pulling the wool over your eyes.

  5. Damnit people, when are you going to get it through your thick skulls that Daewoos ARE GM products. Who cares that they are being badged as Chevrolets here? Especially when they are going to be built here. GM is a global company and is using its global design resources. Deal with it.

  6. Yes but people dont want korean rubbish. The maybe would like to buy a vehicle that is locally made and not fooled into buying something that is not.
    If they did they would perhaps buy something genuine like a Hyundai.

  7. Oh, I forgot to mention, 230 MPG was just a ploy to make their bailout stock go up. If people really drive the thing hard, they'll get more like Prius numbers.

  8. …little loser cars

    What exactly is one of those? A car from a bankrupt company or did you have something else in mind?


  9. GM USA is ALL euro and asian now…except for that freakish Impala which is 20 years old. The only thing american on them is the transmission.

  10. The vehicle on the right is a 2009 Pontiac Vibe with a mocked up Chevy front end. The vehcile was built to decide whether the Vibe would live on as a Chevrolet, but GM decided to kill the NUMMI joint venture plant in Fremont, CA that builds the vehcile instead.

  11. So you have no problem when American-designed cars are built and sold overseas but complain when foreign designed cars are built and sold here? What a bunch of hypocrites.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention, 230 MPG was just a ploy to make their bailout stock go up. If people really drive the thing hard, they'll get more like Prius numbers: NOT UNLESS THEY TAKE THE TIRES OFF FIRST. To say the VOLT will change the way the world sees cars is an overwelming UNDERSTATEMENT. This is NOT just dumb Hybrid (like Prius, Civic H, Aspen H, etc.) This is a whole new mode of transportation — from the company that INVENTED the first Hybrid Train Engine ( The 1949 Diesel-Electric (aka Hybrid) — which is what 90% of ALL train engines are today). GM may have been reduced to a government-controlled victom of a hostile takeover; but they've developed patents on transportation that Toyota has never even dreamed of. The EV1 that GM produced 20 years ago was just one of a long long line of GM alternative fuel machines. All sitting on the shelf. Waiting for a market to develop. — Timing is EVERYTHING — which is the ONLY reason the GM EV1-electric couldn't outsell the Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham all those years ago.

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