Chevrolet Spark

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Looking really nice, I think, where most of them will end up: in someone’s garage.

Looks like GM will have a truly modern little car very soon.

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  1. That's an odd looking car…those headlights seem way too big. Maybe the picture is distorted somewhat?

  2. Not bad, but too much of the fun we saw in the concept was lost. The wheels are way too small, which makes it look third world. Are they 12inches? The top tip of the headlamp should be silver, not black so that it completes the intended design. The matte black filler plastic at the front of the driver's window should be glossy for the same reason. And burgundy? The last time I saw this color was on a 1993 Camry. With the right finishing touches, I see this as a competitor to the Mini cooper for people who can afford fun transportation. But like this, it's just a disposable economy car. Hopefully this is the base base model and that Chevy has sportier upscale versions prepared for launch.

  3. I can't wait to compare this against a Fiesta.

    This is still US bound, correct? The Aveo replacement "Viva" or what ever they call it seems to be a bit larger.

  4. This doesn't compete with the Soul or the Fiesta. It is one size smaller than the Fiesta (about the size of the Ford Ka) and two sizes smaller than the Soul (about the size of the Kia Picanto). The Spark is likely the low-volume model that GM mentioned in their bankruptcy documents as coming to the U.S. from China.

  5. Is this the same one that was used in the Transformer 2 movie?

    The two small ones in the movie were nice!

  6. This looks like purecrap. Small wheels, big stupid headlights, a couple of random character lines that don't flow in any way, and a front window shaped by a pharmaceutical test monkey. Problem is they were testing the monkey on impotency-enhancement drugs.

  7. Looks like a Daihatsu Charade or Suzuki Splash, so not very original. Why anyone would by this over a Fit, Yaris, Soul, Cube, I have no idea. Maybe it will be sub $10000… that would probably get them sold.

  8. Sat in a Ford Fiesta today–was on display on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

    The Fiesta is a VERY roomy and comfortable small car and likely to be better than the Chevy Spark. Just a guess, but…..

  9. Yup…Paint it yellow and place too black strips on the hood. Is it physically impossibe to make a small car look adult…Or do only unichs design them….

  10. To 3:41 PM: The two small cars in Transformers 2 were concepts: the Chevy Trax, and the Chevy Beat, on which this new Spark is based. But the production version won't be as funky, obvoiusly

  11. This is a very freakish looking micro car. It has none of the charm or sportiness of the Fiesta or Fit. It also looks like a deathtrap. I am not seeing this selling well at all in the US.

  12. THIS, on the other hand, is NOT an Automobile. PS: Golf courses in our area require fatter tyres than this apparently comes with. Will this haul as many clubs as the AMF Club Cart? –looks smaller.

  13. This looks like crap, I am sorry.

    I am not one of those idiots who says this will be a car for weaklings, but this is one small car that doesn't do anything for me.

    Fiesta > Spark.

  14. None of these kitty cars will sell very strongly in places other than congested cities such as here in San Francisco because all else equal, Americans like BIG, POWERFUL vehicles.

    Of course, demand TEMPORARILY changes when gasoline prices shoot up and people buy gas sippers out of necessity.

    If Obama & Co. want people to buy these kinds of cars in volume, the government will have to keep the price of gas high enough for people to seek out these baby cars. That means raising the fuel price with a substantial GASOLINE TAX as is done in Europe.

    Our loons in Washington are looking for ways to raise taxes, so don't be surprised if the demand for the Spark and similar tin cans rises when Obama taxes the crap out of your gas.

  15. douchbag jones said…

    a gre at v c ar v f or the kids.

    I thought you didnt like foreign built cars Mr Jones.
    Well this one rolls out of a Deowoo factory in Korea.

  16. HEY IQUACK: "That means raising the fuel price with a substantial GASOLINE TAX as is done in Europe." Consider it done. Watch the gas prices the next 18 months. Gas prices: UP; Spark/Fit/Aveo/etc sales: UP. US standard of living: down. Taxes: up. The good news is that people who can't afford food will fit fine in these tiny car-ettes. (Just like in Europe!)

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