Chinese Buick Regal commercial

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Coming over here next year.

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  1. ^…are you kidding?? You don't know how rich some of the Chinese are…beside…GM is still a POS although it's might be better in China..

  2. Dorky commercial. Very similar to a cheezy 80s Fiero ad. But this is not a bad car at all. If Buick does well in China, more power to 'em. It's a $hit brand here, so it'll take a bit longer in the states to recover from building thirty years of crap.

  3. Haha douchbag…
    Buick is a dead brand along with Pontiac if they hadn't been sell so well in China. Guess American are those who can't afford one (or don't want one).

  4. The Chinese have lower expectations… of course the TRUTH is that they don't pre-judge the product. They look at each BMW, Lexus, Acura, Buick, etc for what it is and test drive it for it's own merits. Turns out, that if you are truely unbiased, the Buicks are (on average) much more impressive than anything else out there RIGHT NOW. So don't call the Chinese stupid just because they don't share your prejudices and (incorrect) ASSumptions. They are actually making a more informed decision than you who think that every unit with the same Brand Name has identical quality, ability, and value!

  5. Finally get the Chinese/Germany good stuff…The W-body still lives on in the Impala until 2014…GM USA is pathetic.

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