Daihatsu Mira Cocoa

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Something we don’t see every day.
A new Daihatsu!

Powered by a small 660 CC with 58HP.
With a sale target of 3000 units a month in Japan only so far.

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  1. As fuel goes up aroung the world and yes including the US, better start getting used to all of these small cars.
    Luckily though, this one is a japanese only domestic model.

  2. A new kei car I'm guessing since it has a limited 660CC engine. They make sense for densely populated urban areas.

  3. It is a Kei car.

    This things are insanely small, but very good for crowded cities. When I was in Japan kei cars were ALL OVER the place. They don't have to worry about Excursions running over them because Japanese are smart enough to know they don't need such a large vehicle. Americans? Not so much….

  4. Looks like what the Nissan Cube SHOULD have been. This is light years easier on the eyes than the nissan.

  5. I don't care what is better than a Hyundai. I don't care because it's not in America meaning I don't know anything about this ugly car. And Hyundai's quality is high like Toyota's and Honda's. If Hyundai was from Japen you wouldn't say "indeed this would be way better than a Hyundai. Didn't you see that new Sonata and the Tucsan? Didn't you see the new Genesis and the V8 that is better than the Pontiac G8 with the 2006 Nissan Altima's greenhouse? Did you see the value the Koreans are getting better at. your still in the Kia Sephia years. Koreans have navagations, V8s and owners who buy these new Korean V8s seems pleased with them. Hyudnai has come a long way and like everyone else, it's copying so what. The circular vents in this ugly car came from the P.t. cURISER. If it was a Hyundai you'll say that.

  6. Oh yeah one more thing. The 2010 may not get Attention but will this get attention in a good way? And 58 Hp is better than a Hyundai. Hyundai started getting out of that 58 something horsepower in the early 90's.

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