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The ix35 will be the name for the all new redesigned Hyundai Tucson in Europe.
Where the Sonata will be known as the i40.

It is supposed to be about 3 inches longer than the current model.

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  1. Smart move. They do away with stupid names. These guys are walking the talk like a premium brand.

  2. What will the new Portofino be called over there?

    The Tuscon= ix35, Santa Fe=ix45, Veracruz= ix55

    It slots between the Santa Fe and Veracruz, so will it be called the ix40? It is Sonata based after all….

  3. Personally, I don't like the idea of changing the names for these combinations of letters and numers. I don't understand why it is perceived that any brand that wants to be taken seriously needs to do this. I can never remember which Lexus is which or which Infinity is which. I'm pretty sure the buying public had a clearer idea in their head of what a Hyundai Getz, Elantra, Tucson or Santa Fe were like, than with the i20, i30, ix35, ix45… it's confusing

  4. The reason they resort to simple #'s and letters is that it's cheaper to market a "brand" like GE or Lexus or Whirlpool than it is to create an image for each separate model. Same reason home appliances are marketed under a single brand with each model having a different model #. It does however detract from the character of the specific unit, and cause it to lose it's identity or charasma. You'll see more of this a car companies get smaller.

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