Large Kia sedan

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The replacement for the nightmarish Amanti is coming out, and not a minute too soon.
So far it is only known under the code name VG.

Supposedly based on the Azera platform.
We’ll see if it does better than its Hyundai cousin.

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  1. It's amazing how the GMs of the world are having to play catch-up with the Hyundai/Kias of the world…

  2. Hard plastics? The charger, Accadia, Ford F 150 use plastics. but since it's not Hyundai people ignore that. The Jeep compass,Liberty uses plastics. the Chevy Impala uses plastics. The Cobalt. doesn't the Corolla and Yaris use it? Doesn't Suzuki and the Lancer use cheap plastics. What about the those. I don't hear no one say cheap plastics when it comes to them. but duh that's because like Hyundai/Kia gets talked about for copying (even though everyone else is) they're the only ones usesing plastics. too. The Chevy Cruze uses it. I could go on forever. The Dodge Avenger, Mazda 3, . Whatthe F. you guys must just be blind or something. As for poor quality, just ingore the fact Kia's quality is ranked higher than Nissan. Ignore the fact Hyundai's quality is better than most very popular models. Korean cars are nothing like they were 5 years ago. If they're so cheap, why are they using their own hybrids and not used from Toyota like Nissan and Ford's hybrids? Doesn't that cost more to make your own electric engine? if they're so cheap why are they coming out with fuel cell cars? If they're so cheap why is Hyundai bringing out the Equus to the states and Kia' is finally bringing out the rwd sedan code named CH? If they're so cheap why did the Genesis win car of the year over the Pontiac G8. If they're so cheap then why is the Kia Borrego over 45,000 all the way loaded. If they're so cheap why is the Borrego the only and newest bof SUV OUT? If they're so cheap why does the Sorenot have skylight? Why is that huh? That cost money. If they're so cheap why are they building a plant in the states? Doesn't that cost money. If they're so cheap why did Hyundai/Kia donate money in the 9/11 crisis? BMW, tOYOTA, NONE of them did it. And they did it in secret? Doesn't cost more to made a BOF SUV than a CUV? If they're so cheap why does the Borrego's MPG able to reach 22 mpg depending on driving conditions? Doesn't that cost money to develop an SUV with an MPG like that? If they're so cheap, why does the Forte have standerad bluetooth and standard sirius. Let alone standard safety features. Back in the Kia Sephia years you had to buy a Kia all the way loaded to get that. Not anymore. Doesn't that cost more to put in as raw materials. If they're so cheap how could they afford to higher the Ex- Audi designer? Huh? If they're so cheap why is that? Cheap plastics like other cars don't make them too. So please. All Kia has to do is continue to better it's reputation like it's already doing. Kia's rep seems better than Suzuki's I don't see no one talking about that new car that doens't look anything like it's concept? If it was a Kia it would have been over 30 commets about Kias not looking nothing like its concepts.

  3. zzzzzzzz 🙂 looks like this guy has lots of time in his life to write this
    Dude nobody is going to read so much crap that you wrote here..go get some life..

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