Lexus CT Concept

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How optimistic is that illustration!

We all know the actual thing will be toned down. A lot…
Let’s just hope it won’t look too bad. What we’ll see next month will still be a concept anyway, so the production version will be changed again.
I like the lack of grille on this illustration. A refreshing look for Lexus, who lately, has been revising their front ends with larger grilles…

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  1. If you'ld said it was a Dodge concept, I'd say "It's O:K, but they've put better stuff into production — years ago. But as a Toyota? BIG improvement.

  2. Is that really the CT or another Lexus model?

    If it is the CT concept it would be CT200h/300h/400h hybrids. But I don't think Lexus confirmed if this would be a hybrid model so who knows.

    Well it could like look that. Remember if it's a concept and we know how different the transition to production can be…

  3. I do not think we will see a car like this on the streets for years. It looks someone is goofing around with wishfull thinking.

  4. The good thing about sketches is that they look awesome and get you all excited about what's next.
    The bad thing is that the production will look nothing like this even if it does make it to assembly.

    The front end of this sketch from the a-pillar to the lip is an amazing design. The lines are smooth and aggresive and I love that there is no grille. This is also a rareity for Lexus since evertime I see one I want steak.

    If this design were to come to fruition I would hope they would keep the front end as close to this design as possible.

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