Lincoln Mark LT

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Now it’s official.
Lincoln, once again, gets its own version of the Ford F150, in Mexico.

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  1. The interior seems nice but as far as the exterior goes…BAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OOOHHHH that's gooood stuff…

  2. wtf!!! Vince…they've tried twice now to make a Lincoln truck and failed! this is a f'ing pick up truck…..there is NO market for luxury pickup trucks….

    that's like a market for condoms with holes…nonsense!!!!

  3. Tha front fascia is hideous! Tha rest is tha usual, tha interior is cool! [As all the americans, especially gm n ford, interior's are gettin better.]

  4. Maybe I'm just stupid but I dont get this. You have a really bad idea and you put it into action. It turns out to be a disaster. You then repeat this mistake again…
    Who in there right frame of mind would push this a third time? I would think every drug dealer in mexico who wanted this rolling fasade of faggotry would have one by now.
    There must be an optimist at Lincoln that believes 3rd times a charm and has somehow eluded getting a pinkslip.

    Hope it works out for you.

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