Mini Coupe Concept

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I love the idea of a sportier Mini Coupe.
And I know Mini has been working on that for years.
But this is really awkward looking to me.

I guess it would look better as a convertible anyway. An old fashion spyder…

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  1. Wow! All I can say is… Yuck! Looks like the result of a high-speed incident between a Mini and an Audi TT. That roof line just wasn't meant for a Mini.

  2. You think it looks bad now, wait till all that dark tint comes off the windows ! can you say awkward

  3. I want one but will it be worth the cost? I really like the Mini and am a car nut but I have common sense about what something is worth. The Mini is just not worth the asking price. Trendoids would disagree but WTF they pay $300 for Jeans…slaves to fashion who now have empty $300. Jean pockets

  4. get rid of the oddly shaped "helmet" and paint it body color it will look alright. the convertible version of this car should look even beetter.

    and cut the cost by several thousands so ppl won't just get a slightly used Z4 isntead.

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