More pictures of the all new Bentley Mulsanne

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It is looking much better to me in these pictures.
Not as blocky and heavy as the Rolls Royce.
Plus, the interior is also more “sporty”. More like a normal car with a proper shifter on the console, instead of the Rolls’s unit sticking out of the steering column. Like an old Buick.

All I can say is that, when the Vince Burlapp show invades the TV screens, I will be picking this over a Rolls Royce….

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  1. I will admit that I was completely and utterly wrong with my first impression of this car. I didn't like the first pictures of it. But I think that it's extremely attractive and very striking.

  2. Rolls' shifter can be anywhere, it's still not meant to be a driver's car. It's not to be driven but rather to be driven in.

    The point of Rolls & Bentley once being the same company was that you have bentley for your weekend drives and Rolls for your normal chauffeur-driven needs

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