New, and rather strange, Hyundai Equus video.

The whole thing is intercut with bits of Herbert Von Karajan conducting. And with some voice over in German.
Go figure…

But it does give us a great look at the new Giant $50 000 to $60 000 Hyundai we’ll get here next year.
The interior seems much more impressive than the pictures of it I’ve seen so far.

I don’t think they’ll steal much from BMW or Mercedes. Brand image is very important to their buyers.
But the $65000 to $80 000 RWD Lexus LS could actually loose some customers…

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  1. I seriously doubt the Hyundai dealer service experience will come anywhere near Lexus. Toyota has nothing to fear from this.

  2. In case anyone cares, here’s what he says….

    Beginning: “I want to create beautiful sounds and look good ”
    1 minute: “What is dangerous is not beautiful.”
    1:42 into it: “I live an orderly life.”
    2:20 into it: “I have demanded and received respect”
    3:05 into it is not german but I think he says: “True prestige. Equus.”

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