New BMW Concept coming up

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Getting ready for the Frankfurt auto show in September.
Looks like one of these 4 door coupe. Except it actually does look like a coupe.
Maybe a new version based on the upcoming 5 series?
Or a preview of the next 3 series?

Who knows…

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  1. Looks fucking awesome. I'm already eager to see it in the metal next month. I just hope that this one, unlike the CS, will actually make it to showrooms

  2. Vince, if you look carefully at the picture, it's not a 4-door anything. There's only 1 door on this side of the car, so presumably it IS a coupe.

  3. Hopefully it is a better successor to the ugly current 6-Series, but given BMW's recent "styling" direction, I am not hopeful. The large front grille is not promising.

  4. It almost looks like Bangle is back in bidniz. I hope so! I'm saddened by the Van hooey-dunk designs of late.

  5. Kinda a smaller version of Chrysler's 1990's "Cab Foward" school of design. That's way I always look to Germany for unique & ground-breaking innovation. I'm sure it wiil look great — after all, the Concord/LHS/Vision/Intrepid did!

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