New Mercedes E class wagon

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Not much to say. Mercedes never surprises with its wagons, and this one is no exception.
I guess they give their fans what they want…

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  1. They'll sell about a hundred of these and that'll somehow be fine for MB. Nannys, castrated men, and MILFs will drive them. When Mercedes decides to get crazy, they'll come out with an AMG, WOOOO a fast wagon! This is the least sexy of all eurowagons. The four year old A6 looks more modern and stylish.

  2. Is it just me or is MB the only brand that seems to almost being going backwards with its design language?

    I'd take virtually any premium wagon over this 80's looking thing, Volvo, Saab, Bimmer. Heck, even the Xtype wagon has a bit more character.

  3. Yessiree! They do give us fans what we want. In fact all three of us fans here in the USA will be trad'in in our old MB wagons in on these suckers — sept 4 Zed; he's a keepin the Magnum n'stead. They may not be as snazzy as them there new John Deere Ait-Con-de-shum-d Tractors, but them their new Benz Wagons are sure fire spiffy 'nuff fer our old ladys to haul ev-ry thing from cattle feed to little 'uns. And they don't look ser dag gone Gauuudddy as then thar Cad-Lacks -n- Bee-Mers. Simple looks for simple minds. That thar's wat I sey. Yippee Benziee!!!

  4. I see they stole that character line going from under the headlights, moving up across the side, and ending in a straight line above the tailights from Chrysler's 2001-2006 minivans. Probably the least attractive generation of any of Chrysler's minivans. But hey, when you're competing against Lexus for the Caterac croud, why worry about style?

  5. these things sell pretty well to the wives of the rich who relieve boredem by running a boutique selling worthless trinkets.

  6. Does a golden retriever and membership to the kennel club come standard? I don't think it's an unattractive design, but there isn't a sexy or original line on it. The E-Class is MB's car for "understated luxury." And it will work fine for those who are so wealthy that they really don't care about what you think or about being conspicuous. The homes, golf courses and Neiman Marcus parking lots where this will be parked will make this car appear much more upscale than it looks on its own.

  7. So what's the tag line for this heap? ….
    "Mercedes E class wagon: because life is just TOO much fun."

  8. The new E class looks INCREDIBLE in person.

    This is one of those vehicles where pictures don't do it justice…

  9. YOU SAID: "I say the Cadillac looks better." I SAY: The Cadillac LOOOKS GOOOOOD! — this just doesn't.

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