Next BMW 3 series?

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A new 3 series is coming up within a couple of years. After the new 5 series, 1 series hatch and the new 6.

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  1. As the front grille gets larger and larger, it looks more like a pig snout. There also seems to be a lot of lower plastic and ricer vents, which probably mean that this is the M version. But other than that, the design looks good.

  2. It looks like not much on the outside is going to change. Then again, I can`t think of anything drastic the can do to its design.

  3. The current 3 series sedan looks so lame. Even the 1 series looks more interesting. This one seems to be fixing the boredom.

  4. This looks like a Jaguar inspired BMW design. Am I the only one that sees a lot of Jag in the front end shape? That, and the driver is on the wrong side of the car, unless that is a passenger and we cannot see the driver becuase he is in Gangsta pose up against the b-pillar.

  5. They must be trying to sell these to Laywers– The front would appeal to folks that are mean, ugly, and just plain nasty — like vengence attorneys.

  6. This honestly doesn't look awful.

    I have to say that I don't really like the new 7 Series though.

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