Revised VW Transporter.

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The “new” Transporter came out in 2003 in Europe.
At the same time they stopped selling the previous version in the US. (As the Eurovan)
We never got the new generation over here.
Now 6 years later, the current generation is getting an upgrade, but not an all new design.
Including a revised interior and a new front end, more in line with the recently introduced new Golf.

We won’t see this one here either.
Engines include a 3.6 Liter V6 as well as a couple of diesels.

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  1. looks crude & barbaric compared to the slick new Routan. Probably a cheap alternative for lite commercial use only.

  2. I am sure if marketed right, it would sell better than the terrible rebadged Dodge Caravan.

    VW is trash anyway. My 2007 GTI was proof of that.

  3. Too square but then again the new Chrysler is going back to square look. i have to see if it has utility like our Chrysler, Toyota and Honda to make it a worthwhile competition.

  4. THE ONE WHO SAID: "terrible rebadged Dodge Caravan." Has obviously never owned one. They're absolutely addictive. TWICE as much useable space as any Volkswagon ever has (except the new Routan) (why do you think Honda Oddessy & Toyota Sienna both copied Chrysler's every dimension — right down to the approx. engine & transmission size; except that now the VW Routan and Dodge have 6-speed transmissions to other's 4-speeds. –and I doubt I would be hauling my 3,600 lbs trailer with a Honda or Toyota) I drive these Dodges through construction sites, down dirt roads, and 72 MPH for 6 hrs nonstop on the freeway and they've never failed me yet. At 200,000 miles I usually have so many dents & dings that I trade in on another new one. They still run flawlessly, but they dont look appropriate for someone in sales so it becomes an excuse to buy myself a new vehicle, when I really don't need one. Don't knock it till you tried it. I bought my first one ONLY for business, but the darn things are so versitle that we traded in the turbo convertable, the wagon, AND the fastback for a Caravan & a T&C and have owned only CHRYSLER minivans for the last 14 years. Life is too short to wrestle with unreliable & claustrphobic cars.

  5. Minivans are minvans. What minivan is original thesed days. They all seat at least 7 passengers. All have sliding doors. All are ugly regardless of what they look like. Some have skyslights and some don't and all have DVD players. So have 10year 100 mile warrenties. They all seem slow when driving behind them. The part where you operate the car from Park to drive are all in the same locations. But if it was Hyundai people would say why does Hyundai/Kia copy everybody. I even hear some next generation van is coming up with stow N' go seating too. It's called reverse engineering.

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