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I almost forgot to mention this a couple of days ago.
GM decided to kill the Buick version of the Vue. long before it even came out.
Apparently, everyone was against it.
So this could be the first car in history killed by the internet…

I think it’s a good idea to kill it. A Buick should be more than just a new grille. Plus, the Vue will still be sold as a Saturn for maybe as long as the next 2 years.

Another, more Buick like, small crossover is still in the cards.

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  1. Are but it hasn't ended here… In a few years when saturn drops the current View will GM decide to introduce another version of the new Equinox as a Buick??? Stay tuned.

  2. GM should just make a Buick version of the latest Equinox, like it did for Cadillac. If it turns out like the Enclave, then Buick might have a winner on its hands.

  3. Not a bad vehicle but panned for lousy mileage and so-so performance. Slapping a Buick snout on a Saturn VUE would be another example of badge engineering even if the Saturn version is discontinued.

    Better for Buick to have a fresh SUV in that class so long as it's not too similar in appearance to the Chevy Equinox.


  4. I give Bob Lutz a lot of credit for what he's been able to do with GM. This was not the new SUV for Buick to lead with.

  5. So now GM is copying the Koreans. For example, the new Sorento is on the same platform as the Sante Fe and look nothing alike. GM is copying Ford to. Ford had 2 luxury brands and of course Ford brands. Now GM is getting three diffrent brands. On the Saturn Vue, if you look directly at the back of it, it looks like a Kia Sorento. The mirrors stick out like the Prius, Lexus Ls, Insight, Leaf, Aston Martin. But if Hyundai copied GM, people would say that. Everysice Hyudai done that buy a Hyundai and if you get laid off program not GM is doing it. If it was the other way around the Koreans would be copying. Just like GM extended their warrenty.

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