2010 Euro Toyota Land Cruiser/US Lexus GX

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This really looks like the 80’s are back.
There is nothing wrong with a true off road luxury truck. If you really need one. (99% of people don’t)
But it is still 2009. Not 1989.

There should be a way for a brand new truck to look at least current. Especially one that will start at around $60 000 in the US.
Being a truck is not an excuse for such a backward design.
This makes the new GMC Terrain look futuristic.

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  1. Even given my low expectations for Toyota, I'm shocked at how unattractive this is. The front looks like it came directly off of a '70s Godzilla movie set. The interior looks like it was designed by the same people responsible for Sparkomatic audio equipment in 1983. People are not quite as enamored with Toyota as they used to be. The competition is brutal now and I suspect that this will sell very poorly.

  2. What's so backyard about it? I can do without the taillights, other than that I think it looks good.

  3. This is so bad it's laughable. Almost looks like the 1940's are back. In fact it's so bad I don't believe it. The current model is lightyears ahead of this monstrosity.

  4. The Land Crusier was a neat truck in the '60's & early 70's. But every one since the mid 1970's has been a crude, goofy odd duck. And this is the crudest, wackyest, outdated design yet. But the audience is small, mostly pseudo-intellectual morons, peta people, and marajuana-smoking liberals who have more money than brains and can't tell a Ferrari from a Catapillar Tractor. I hear the profit margins on these are some of the highest of any vehicle; so even if they only sell 3; Toyota will survive just fine.

  5. I can handle the extrior but I don't like the inside. It looks cheap and tacky. Sure the name will make it worth $60,000 but it's iside is just sooo ugly. And I'm not saying that because I'm jeaolus because I'm not.

    It looks better in blue.

  6. Needs more car show hookers. Why is this vehicle devoid of hookers when all the other cars at the show have them!?!?

  7. I really don't understand why Lexus has the GX at all.. or what it's intended competition actually is supposed to be. The RX is roomier and more comfortable, yet priced thousands less. The LX is the prestigious Range Rover competitor.. so the GX should be aiming at the Infiniti QX, Range Rover Sport or even the BMW X5 or Audi Q7.. but I can't imagine anyone cross-shopping the GX with any of them due to its narrow, bumpy 4Runner chassis.

  8. I don't think this car is based on the four runner! Anyways, my father actually has one (Landcruiser Prado) of these and was talking about upgrading to the new one when it comes out. I think he's going to be quite disappointed when I show him these pictures…

    Regardless of how ugly, it will still sell decently.

  9. This interior is so ugly, in order for a dog to play inside, I have to rap a steak around the steering wheel.

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