2010 Ford Grand C-Max

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Let’s just hope they change the name if this ever makes it to the US…

The 7 passenger version of the new Focus based C-Max gets minivan like sliding doors.
The new Ecoboost 4 cylinder engines range from 130hp to 180hp. In Europe.
Over there, it will compete with the Renault Grand Scenic and the Citroen Picasso, among others.
Here… I’m not sure. Except for the Maxda5, there isn’t anything like it so far…

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  1. i like it.
    not sure how well it will sell in the US, but the Mazda5 does really well here in Canada. even though it's starting to look a little like cookie-cutter design, i like Ford of Europe's design direction.

  2. I think this is great. But I would classify it as a 5+2 seater as the third row looks as limited in usefulness as some 2+2 sports cars.

    I hope they keep the middle seat in the US version (assuming that it comes here). I like the Mazda 5 but if you fold the third row so you have some cargo space, you are left with a 4 seater. That doesn't make sense, at least to me with 3 kids.

  3. I'm not sure if the Mazda 5 can be considered a competitor since Ford owns about a 13% stake in Mazda.


  4. So lets see, what does this, the Prius, Insight, Rondo, and Nissan Leaf have in common. I'll give you a hint. A pillars. But once the Rondo came out, people said they copied the Prius's. What about the other 4?

  5. Hey, Vince, what about the "80's plastic interior" you railed about in the new CR-V? How come you don't have the same comment about the interior in this dumpy little scooter? Talk about ugly. This thing has a look that only a Ford product engineer could love.

  6. Does for still own a stake in Mazda? I thought they sold that a while back when in need of cash.

    This Grand C-Max looks really, really good. I wouldn't feel like a total dweeb driving it around unlike our current Toyota Sienna. And yeah a mini-van that is actually mini!

    At any rate I think the only competition (at least the only vehicle I might cross shop against) is the Mazda 5. The Rondo is close but without sliding rear doors it wouldn't be an option for me with our side-by-side garage and a careless toddler. Plus sliding rear doors make it much easier for me and my wife to load in the man-child.

  7. Ford wouldnt sell their stake in Mazda as its still making them money. There was talk about selling their stake in Mazda but it didnt come about.

  8. Mazda is in Fords worldwide…Europe uses Mazda engines in their Fords. Mazda is the only thing saving Ford now.

  9. I really like this, I think it looks more interesting than the Kia and more appealing than the Mazda5.

  10. Can't believe the enormously DUMB comments i read here. "80's cheap interior"??? In this car? Open up your eyes man, the interior of this car is 100% quality. God i hate fan boys…

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