2010 Honda Crosstour

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So it ends up just being a hatch version of the Accord sedan with a big trucky grille.
Why the big grille???
I guess they are so afraid that this will be seen as “just a hatchback” that they do what they can to make it look more like a SUV/Crossover?Truck thing.
When it is… Just a hatchback. Which I actually like. I think it is a surprising move for a conservative company like HOnda, to come up with a hatch version of their most popular sedan in the US.
Mazda never brought over the hatch version of the new 6…

Here is the official PR BS (with all the fancy words for your reading pleasure):

“TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 1, 2009 – The all-new 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour evolves the Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) concept by integrating a sleek and aerodynamic shape that blends sporty, low-profile contours with versatile CUV functionality, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today.
“Our concept is to broaden the appeal of the Accord line-up by leveraging traditional Accord strengths of fun-to-drive performance and handling while also adapting to dramatic shifts in the light truck marketplace,” said Erik Berkman, vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “The Accord Crosstour accomplishes that by offering a modern interpretation of a CUV while integrating the refinement and efficiency of a premium sedan.”

Derived from the Accord Sedan, the Accord Crosstour maximizes car-like ride and refinement, yet maintains capabilities consistent with a CUV’s increased ride height and all-weather potential. The Accord Crosstour’s styling builds on the Accord’s familiar character lines and adds a bolder front grille complemented by a durable lower-body appearance, wedge-shaped C-pillars and an aggressive rear stance. The flowing roofline narrows smoothly into the rear of the vehicle to create an aggressive-looking design, which conceals a unique cargo area that can adapt to large objects that exceed the capacity of a sedan.

“We know SUV buyers like the commanding view of the road that comes with a high eye-point and like the comforts of living with an SUV,” said Berkman. “This vehicle meets the needs of buyers looking for those attributes yet at the same time want an image that is different from a conventional SUV.”

The Accord Crosstour will be positioned at the top of the Accord family when it goes on sale in fall 2009. Additional details will be announced later in the year. Consumer information is available at automobiles.honda.com/future-cars. An Accord Crosstour Facebook page is available at www.facebook.com/accordcrosstour. Additional media information regarding all Honda products is available at www.hondanews.com.”

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  1. An Accord hatchback?!?!!!?


    I think this is going to be INCREDIBLE!!! I like absolutely everything about it and I am sure it is going to be just as reliable as any other Honda. 🙂

  2. It's just spectacularly bad. There is simply no excuse for Honda to be this clueless about product design. Will all of the resources and talent they undoubtedly have- Why can't they come up with something that is at least handsome. This monstrosity is an all-out assault on the senses. There is just so much bad to say about it- Shame on you Honda. Shame shame shame shame on you.

  3. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!! -you're kidding, right? This looks like a civic hatchback on a high-carb / high-fat / high-chloresteral diet. Or mabey an Accord with terminal cancer.

  4. THIS IS THE ANSWER. (The question was: "Whats longer than an AMC Gremlin but less useful than an AMC Hornet Sportabout; and looks gooofier than either?)

  5. Edsels actually have better resale value than Hondas (comparing cars in similar condition & with similar mileage).

  6. I love honda's. LOVE them.

    This thing is ugly to epic proportions. wow. Looks like Honda hired some designers from Pontiac (reference Aztek as above).

    Seriously, the worst looking car Honda has ever…ever ever come up with.

  7. I'm actually angered by this car. Honda and Acura have been belting out some of ugliest cars on the market, if not THE ugliest cars.. (Right up there with Toyota and Subaru).

    This car reeks of a company driven by it's marketing and product-planning department. The design department has clearly taken a back seat to power-point presentation makers and image-board constructors. A true Franken-car. There is absolutely no passion in this freak with wheels.

  8. I'm the guy who said if it was a Hyundai such and such. Anyway this is nice. What's wrong with you people they only weak spot is the tailights. For a hatch. This is sleek. I like the grille and the tailights (not orginal though but it goes good with the grille). I like the greenhouse. It looks like a better looking Dodge Magnam with way better quality. P.S. I'm suprised that most of you don't like it. If it was a GM you guys wouldn't have said that.

  9. i really want to like honda NA cars, and was interested to see what this was going to look like, but.
    bad proportions, poorly judged grill, creases and rear end details. i find it hard to believe that honda doesn't think north americans would like the euro civic hatch. it's not perfect, but looks awesome compared to this.

    haven't liked much of what honda brings here since the early 90's civic hatch si

  10. Honda should know better. This is coming from the same company that gave us the current Civic!?!? I can't believe my eyes. I thought the Accord sedan was ugly, this is just sad. If it was anything other than a Honda, everyone would be pissing all over the design.

  11. FORD called, they want their horribly violated Fusion front end and wheels back. People will probably see this as a Fusion that got into a terrible accident before they realize there is an "H" in the middle of the grill. Maybe this is a secret ploy to make the Accord Sedan more visually attractive because this beast is just plain disgusting…the previous Accord hatchbacks (and wagon) would disown this thing from their family if they could speak.

    I was really excited for this vehicle, maybe I can get one in a few years and throw the cameo back on.

  12. I WOULD rather have a Pontiac Aztec than this fugly p.o.s., at least I could get a used Aztec for cheap, relatively speaking of course. This truley has to be one of the UGLIEST vehicles EVER. WOW!!! That's HIDEOUS!!! How much is this $h1t box gonna cost? I would imagine around $35k, loaded and with AWD. What a rip off. I'm sure it'll be of good build quality but the looks of it…..hopefully the prototype camoflauge will be an option.

    The really sad thing is that I'll bet they sell a bunch of them. People, in general, LOVE suv's but for one reason or another, they can't or won't buy them anymore. So now they're building cars to appear like suv's. The only problem with designing a small car to look like a big one is that it ends up LOOKING LIKE CRAP!!!

  13. This is really ugly, but dont you think that grille would give some much-needed edge to the sedan, or the CR-V?

    Like too many Hollywood starlets, the curves out back don't match the industrial, manmade, and sculpted look of the face.

  14. Well, the Crosstour no thing of beauty, but it'll be a great car and more useful than a sedan. Hatchbacks make good sense.

    Note that people buy Accords because they're excellent cars: trouble-free and a pleasure to drive. Slick styling is secondary if styling matters much at all.

    I don't think any Accord is ugly, but there are better looking cars available that don't have Honda's well-deserved reputation for quality and don't drive as well, either.

    Drive an Accord and you'll see–Accords are superb. That's why I bought my 2004 Accord with no regrets at all in the 6 years I've owned it.

  15. Honda's North American Ops keep screwing up. Why couldn't they have just brought over the classy looking Euro Honda Accord Tourer? Why do they insist on uglifying the front and jacking it up?

  16. I own a 2008 TL, so I am not a hater. But one question, how often do you have to change the blades?

  17. There is nothing wrong with reading the market (in response to the MKT comments above)…The market wants a vehicle that handles (and gets the gas mileage) of a car, has the versatility of a hatch, sits higher on the road then a car but doesn't look like a glorified station wagon. Reading into this – the Aztek was likely ahead of it's time from a specs's stand point….if Pontiac had made the Aztek not so damn ugly – it would have sold. The Murano, Edge, and most recenly Venza prove this in spades. The difference is that the above three cars are actually pretty good looking.

    This Honda looks like it was beaten hard with an extended ugly stick.

    There is little doubt that it will handle well, be reliable, get great fuel economy and likely has a nice interior. However, by and large, peoples first impression is by the outside….they're fine if it's a bit bland (Camary, CR-V, etc) – but it can't be ugly.

  18. It looks like a dog…literally.

    Why doesn't Honda/Acura go out and get some DESIGNERS??? I'd be considering the TSX right now if it wasn't for the idiotic grille.

  19. I actually like it a lot.

    This isn't nearly as ugly as the Aztek, I don't know what in the hell people are talking about.

  20. I loved Hondas. I got 8 Hondas in the past seven years.
    But the party is over, just bought my first Nissan.
    This car is so butt ugly.

    It is amazing but I really like the new Hyundai Tucson.
    Look at the design int/exterior, you cannot compare it to the Hondas/Toyotas.
    The only thing Hondas have to show for nowdays is their engines(good thing) but I want some thing new, nice interior/exterior.
    Don't be surprise to see me driving a new Hyundai Tucson (hope it comes with a V6 engine) and I guess my Honda days are over (too expensive and not fun too drive).

    I traded an 07' CRV for an 08' Element (same engine/transmition) and the engine was so underpowered. Noisey tranny.

    Toyotas are so butt ugly(interior)
    I seen the interior of the new Subaru's Outback and the Legacy(2010 models) and they looked OK.

    Anywho, this Honda vehicle is uglier than the Aztec and Yugos.

    Honda get with it and hire some Hyundai designers!

  21. Look at the line down the side…It goes concave to convex at the back…Who thought that was nice? Really weak little design people at Honda…My God! My 5 year old has better taste.

  22. YOU SAID: "a better looking Dodge Magnam" I SAY: HA HA HO HO HE HE HE AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! btw, it's spelled "MAGNUM" And I assume you mean the current wagon (28MPG w/v6 or 0-60 in 5.4 w/6.1L HEMI.) but actually this Honda looks a LOT fatter that the recent MAGNUM. It even looks fatter than the 1970's 2-dr (440cid/7L) 6'wide x 17' long MAGNUM. A LOT fatter! -Kinda a super-fat high-chloresterol egg-car.

  23. Just when you thought Honda designs could not get any worse, they drop this neo-AMC Eagle-like turd. Terrible.

  24. Agree, honda released this on facebook to try and generate some "buzz", LOL , I guess they got stung.

  25. Oh Magnum. Oh sorry, about the miss spell. But this is a blog not college so I really don't care about being 100% perfect on here (it's not like I'm typing up some report). BTW, "A lot fatter!" is not a sentence becuae there's not subject in there (even though your talking about the MagnUm and I miss spelled the car and you still knew what I was talking about too).

  26. Honda really has to bag their American freaks that they waste money on…Just assemble them here…That's all!

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