2010 Honda CRV

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So far, this is the European model. But the US is expected to get the new front end as well.
But not the new 2.2 Liter Diesel.
Or the glass roof you see here.

It’s really too bad about the glass roof…

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  1. Such a small tweak mad such a huge difference….much much better. Also, looks like larger wheels – which helps.

  2. Vince, the overseas CR-V looks much better than ours and has a higher feature content because it costs MUCH more.

    What you need to remember is that overseas, the CR-V is NOT an entry level SUV like it is here. It is actually considered a premium SUV. In Sweden, the UK, Germany and other countries the CR-V can cost upward of $60,000 USD.

    Over there it has radar cruise control, diesel engines, panorama roof, higher quality leather and materials, HID projector housings, etc.

    We don't get any of that and that is why it is so much cheaper. Americans aren't willing (or smart enough) to realize that the more you spend doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be bigger.

  3. You and your glass roofs, Vince…LOL! Americans have been told by their Owners in the media to fear the sun.

  4. 30% import tax and on top of that 20% VAT tax in Europe. A Ford Mustang V6 cost $60K here as well.

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