2010 Volvo C30

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I guess it was a matter of time until the C30 would get its cousin C70’s new front end. That was quick.

Unfortunately, just like the C70, the 2010 C30 doesn’t get much improvement inside. The floating console is still cool, but the rest of the interior has never been anything special. For a car that looks so great outside.

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  1. The inside is still nice, like most other Volvos. The outside, tho, still looks like a 21st Century Ford Pinto, IYAM.

  2. I really like the C30 but they really missed the mark on the performance aspect of it. It is more like a grand touring sport compact, completely unlike the GTI, Mazdaspeed3 and Civic Si.

  3. I kinda like the simplicity of the interior and really like this car alot, and since they came out i have seen a total of 3 of them on the roads here in car crazy southern cal .. but while growing up my parents owned a pinto and mercury bobcat so im screwed. lol

  4. I would have to say this model which has been out a couple years is a complete flop. I live in a very large metropolitan area and have yet to see one on the road. Yet there are tons of Mini's out there.

  5. door panel looks like a '2010 Dodge Caliber. Actually so does the dash–except for the requsite Volvo '40 "floating" center stack.

  6. The interior looks like a better looking Kia KCV-1 Concept back in 2001 (back in the Sephia years).

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