2010 VW Golf R

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No more V6 for the R version of the Golf (Like in the R32)

The new one gets a more powerful version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo from the GT! with 265hp.
Which is actually more than the R32.

I drove an R32 last year and it was one of the most fun I ever had driving.
So I’m looking forward to the new model.

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  1. Why bother with this model and just put this engine in the GTI? (and possibly keep the 200hp version for a version between the base and GTI for a "poor man's" GTI)

  2. I really like this. I just hope they commit to bringing it to the U.S., which they have yet to do.

  3. Love the interior over the 2010 GTI interior. Am I getting old, or is the red stitching all over the GTI interior just loud and garish?

    I hope VW bring the R20 over with a four-door option.

  4. I honestly don't give a shit about this vehicle, or any VW for that matter.

    My 2007 GTI was the worst vehicle I have ever owned by FAR and I've owned 12 cars. It spent nearly 60 days in the shop for the two years I owned it and VWoA was NO help and neither were any of the three local dealers.

    VW is trash!

  5. FOUR VWs have been LEMONED where I work.

    How is that for a testament to reliability? Just like the poster from a few days ago said, VWs are trash.

  6. The nuts don't fall far from the tree. If you squint you can still see the previous 5 generations Rabbit/Golf. The general shape is still the same old 1978 Dodge Omni / Plymouth Horizon / Talbot / VW Rabbit. So far beyond old, stale, boring shoeboxes of the past that I'm amazed anyone would give it a second glance. Yawn.

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