2011 Hyundai Sonata. No more V6.

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Apparently, Hyundai is considering skipping the V6 for the new Sonata in the US.
They already won’t offer it in its home market.

With the V6 only getting 15% of the sales in the US, it does make sense for Hyundai not to offer one.
Apparently, the revised 2.4 Liter will get close to 200hp. Which is more than enough for a family car.
Korea gets a smaller 2.0 Liter with 165hp as standard equipment.

If they need more power, I’m sure they could ad a turbo to the 2.4 Liter.

I’m actually glad to see a major manufacturer take a chance by not following the stupid “more horsepower/larger engine” trend.
It’s about time.
This is almost 2010, and we should be able to get more than enough power in a mid size family car without using larger, and larger V6 engines.

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  1. I have a 4 cylinder '04 Accord sedan which has more than enough power. A V6 is unnecessary IMO.

    I'd bet that most of the people who own mid-sized V6 sedans never bothered to test drive 4 cylinder versions of their cars because they ASSUMED that a 4 would be sluggish. Well, not so!

    The best of today's 4 cylinder engines are ideal for cars like the Sonata, Accord, Camry, Malibu, Mazda 6, Fusion, Altima, etc. Unless you're pulling a trailer or frequently carrying heavy loads, a V6 is a waste in a mid-sized car.

  2. this is kinda strange seeing when im trolling the car lots all i see is the damn V-6 loaded sonata's, no 4 bangers in site …..

  3. Not buying if there is no V6.
    Thums down to Hyundai.
    We need more power and bigger engines.
    Hello Hyundai this is America not Korea.

  4. It looks exactly like a big brother of Honda City sold in cheap asian countries.
    Google Honda City and you will see what I am talking about.

  5. What is the point of a V6 when the chassis is not there to handle the thrust? The Acura TSX has more or less 200 horses and does just fine. Also, more and more manufacturers will replace V6 engines with 4cylinder turbos.

  6. I don't really care for the 4 cylinder motors over 2 Liters since they are NOT getting better fuel mileage than a small block V6. If I drive a 4 banger, than only because I get a better mileage. Otherwise I would choose a small replacement 6 cylinder engine.

  7. I agree. Unless if you live in a high altitude area or you tow a lot, 200 HP is enough in a family car.

    I predict Honda will be next with an only 4-cylinder for the next Accord.

  8. Hmmmmm. More so than what the two types of powerplants actually deliver, in terms of performance and efficiency, the real story for the automakers now is more about the politics of marketing.

    Being able to say "environmentally-responsible 4-cylinder" vs. "super-powerful v-6" earns you more kudos with consumers lately.

    But truth is —- 2.4 is a respectably-sized 4-cylinder! Some sixes aren't that big. So what's the real story? A 2.4L 4-cylinder will gulp fuel just as fast as 2.4L 6-cylinder.

    Displacement is what really matters, come on! Not the number of cylinders!…as all good hot-rodders know, it all comes down to cubic inches. 🙂

    Claiming otherwise is just the games marketers play….

  9. "I'd bet that most of the people who own mid-sized V6 sedans never bothered to test drive 4 cylinder versions of their cars because they ASSUMED that a 4 would be sluggish."

    Funny you say that. In Dec '04, I was determined to buy a 4 cylinder Accord EX. Then I took it for a spin at a dealer. I was turned off by the 4 cylinder drone, lack of oomph, and refinement.

    I told the dealer that I was no longer interested in accord. Then he convinced me to take the V6 model for a spin.

    It was driving a different car. In addition to more power, the refinement was several notches superior. So I ponied up $2000 more and bought the V6 model.

    If you're used to v6 refinement, it's hard to go back to I-4.

  10. If there is no V6, there is no way I am buying it. Good Bye Hyundai. I will not let anybody who I know to buy a V4.

  11. My wife has an 06 Sonata with the 2.4, 164hp. My parents have an 05 Camry with the 2.4, 162hp.

    I love driving the Sonata, ample power for everyday driving. I hate driving my folks Camry. It feel particularly wheezy around town.

    The difference?

    1. Torque
    2. Throttle response

    Though I don't have the numbers in front of me, the Sonata either has more torque, or a better weight to hp ratio. It's simply quick and responsive around town, from a stop, or in a passing situation.

    The Camry's throttle by wire accelerator has been programmed to be soft, and because of this, requires the pedal to be mashed to get it to respond. Though purely psychological, it's enough to make me avoid my parents Camry at all costs.

    When the entire package is thought through carefully (as it was on our Sonata), a 4cyl can get the job done just fine, and can even be a bit of fun.

  12. What's the difference with taking an off-the-shelf V6 like the one in the Genesis (or even the one in the current Sonata) vs. creating yet another I4 that has turbocharging (and it would be an all-new engine…you can't just slap a turbo on an existing engine). I can't imagine that a turbo'd I4 will be any better in mpg than an V6. And they'd be morons to throw away 15% of their sales.

  13. If you buy a Hyundai Sonata, you aren't buying it for performance. You're buying it because you can't afford a better car. No V6 is needed.

  14. The only reason I could figure Hyundai would not offer the V6 (initially) in the new Sonata would be to help clear the lots of the current V6 Sonatas and Azeras. Then they could sneak the V6 back in the following year after the Azera replacement arrives.

  15. The new Sonata is larger than the current one.
    Which could be dangerous to the already slow selling Azera, Maybe by offering 4 cylinders only (NOT V4s, these are inline engines) they are trying to help the Azera a bit.
    Just a thought…
    Plus, if they are really offering a turbo on the 2.4, it will get better mileage than a V6.
    I have driven V6 engines as well as turbo 4s and always got better mileage with the Turbos.

    But there is no doubt that a V6 is creamy smooth, no matter what.
    But I have to say that lately, the newer 4 cylinders I have driven have been very smooth and quiet. Enough to pick them over a V6.

  16. No offense, Vince, but not a single post listed above mentions a V4. And most turbo I4s get the same fuel economy as an average V6.

  17. Hyundai — "Want a V6? Buy a Genesis!"…..or get an Azera while you can!

    From the sources I've read, the Azera is dead in the water…but the gap between a 4 Cyl Sonata and V6 Genesus Sedan is HUGE!

    I understand that I4s usually get better mileage, but I'd rather hear that V6 grunt over the I4 whine, bottom line.

    Looks like the Fusion will continue to be the most Diverse of the Mid-Size Sedans (A couple base version, Lux version, Sport Version, Hybrid, AWD option, Powerful I4, a useless V6…it's only downfall… and a more powerful V6 with the same MPG).

  18. Just for clarification, because this drives me nuts.

    The are NO "V4's" in existence in any mass produced car. All 4 cylinder engines provided by major auto manufacturers today are Inline 4's or I4's.

    Only Subaru is different, with a horizontally opposed "Boxer 4" design similar in layout to air cooled VW's and Porsche 356's, 912's, and 914's.

    If you want a V4, your primary choice is a Honda Motorcycle – VFR or ST1300.

    Thank you. 🙂

  19. There are a ton of ignorant, and misinformed comments in this post. Some of you people are just stupid.

    1. You can't just "slap a turbo" on an existing motor. It isn't nearly as easy as that. Stupid comment.

    2. Yes, a turbo four CAN and SHOULD get better MPG figures than a V6.

    3. Why would they put the 3.8 out of the Azera or Genesis into the Sonata when they have a new, redesigned 3.5 liter with 270HP. This engine in the new Sorento gets 28MPG highway in an SUV!!!

    4. "Anonymous said…
    If you buy a Hyundai Sonata, you aren't buying it for performance. You're buying it because you can't afford a better car. No V6 is needed.

    September 28, 2009 5:34 PM"

    Retarded comment. I know plenty of wealthy people who have purchased Hyundais because they don't NEED a BMW.

    "Anonymous said…
    If there is no V6, there is no way I am buying it. Good Bye Hyundai. I will not let anybody who I know to buy a V4.

    September 28, 2009 3:53 PM"

    I hate people like you, I really do.

    Buy a V8!!! This is Amuurriiikaaa, we do what we want because gas is cheap and killing the environment is my God given right!

    BTW, there is no such thing as a "V4" in any modern mass produced automobile.


  20. is this just a V-4 or what, I don't get the guy that is mad that cars have V-4s, why? they have enough power.

  21. an i4 is a v4 because the inverted i in boxer form causes a v to occur. so therefore, clearly, an V-4 does exist exponentially in your brand. so, think a bit about the quantum physics. here is the equation V4 (mass) x Inversion i.08 = vdrive 4 and i drive (2)< 4.

  22. I agree with you Vince. A HP war in the family car class really didn't make any sense. But I do think Hyundai should offer a V6. It doesn't have to be as powerful as others. What they have now is fine. Maybe the answer is to simply make fewer cars with V6 engines. Offer a V6 for the top of the line Sonata only.

  23. The only pointless V6's in the Hyundai/Kia group are the gutless 2.7 6s in the Rondo and Optima. It makes me giggle when I see an Optima V6 w/ Dual Exhaust.

  24. "Honda lover said…
    is this just a V-4 or what, I don't get the guy that is mad that cars have V-4s, why? they have enough power.

    September 29, 2009 8:59 AM"

    This guy is very transparent.

    Calls himself "Honda lover" and tries to make Honda fans look stupid by continuing to call the I4 a V4.

    Get a life.

  25. The only V4 I know of was made by Ford for its Taunus model of the 1960s, and also was used in the old Saab cars whose 3 cylinder, 2 cycle engines were too dirty for the newly-imposed antipollution controls.
    The Taunus V4 fit comfortably under the Saab's hood where an inline 4 probable would not.

    Four cylinder cars today (except for the "Boxter" opposed designs in Subaru) are all inline 4s.

  26. that confusion woman that posted earlier is screwed, poor thing needs medication and some anger management classes. she's very weak. anyhoo, here ya go, get the v4 and punch it up with a small turbo kit from the local car shop. done deal.

  27. i love v4's as much as the next guy, but insulting me because i love hondas is not fair. i4 and v4 is the same.

  28. Hyundai only sales 15% V6 models it makes financial sense to not offer the 6 cylinder engine. The 2.4 liter 4 cylinder with direct injection makes a little more than 200 hp. The hybrid version will make about 230-250 hp the V6 is not needed.

  29. All these anonymous morons nitpicking over a typo made by one who obviously doesn't know cars (the bread and butter intermediate car's chief customer).

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