2011 Toyota Prius wagon?

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Toyota did mention last year that the name Prius would be used on more than one model in the near future.
Maybe a coupe. Or a wagon, like this one.

Not sure about the idea of a wagon version of a car that is already a hatchback. But they do it in Europe all the time with cars like the Golf, Focus, Astra etc…
So why not.
There might be a market for this. Somewhere….

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  1. Oh great, a dorky wagon that mindless sheep will purchase because they think it will make them look hip and cool.

  2. Why not! More room for your stuff. I always thought wagon is a better alternative to the cross-over/SUV thing.

    They drive better, easy on gas and sometime more interior room than most bigger SUVs.

    Thumb up!

  3. Vince, I like it. I think there would be a strong market for it, as you would have more cargo capacity for almost the same mileage.
    I think the wagon side and rear views would look better than the current Prius.

  4. Well, well, well….nice to see thsi again. This is a much better angle compared to last time. I still think it's cleaver that the side windows are exactly the same.

    Is it hard for them to make a 2-door to compete with the CR-Z? Slap the name "Celica" on it and it will be golden.

  5. That is the car that I saw a couple of times already. Once in Sherman Oaks and once in Glendale. I couldn't make it out 'cause it at night. But now that I see this picture it makes more sense. It looks like a bigger Yaris. Or maybe it is the upcoming new Yaris.

  6. please no more primus versions. these nickel users ( see Nickel strip mining damages environment – Google) must be stopped. the answer is Nissan/Renault with the Leaf and other quality variants that are the real deal. Not like this tree huggers version of an environmental disaster.

  7. "the answer is Nissan/Renault with the Leaf and other quality variants that are the real deal."

    What a load of crap. The batteries used in the Leaf are just as damaging to the environment as anything else.

  8. Now that they're not re-badging Corollas as Pontiacs; they need to fill a few gaps in production: like at the Matrix/Vibe factory.

  9. in fact, simple moronic, mommas boys, the batteries in the leaf are 100% recyclable, and do no damage to the environment. Soooo, sugar and spice etc… comment is right on the money. enjoy! Nissan wins – toyota loses, done.

  10. What you mena Nissan wins? We're talking about 3rd generation Toyota hybrid vs. Nissan's 1st genartion (and uglier) hybrid. I've been hearing a lot of negative remarks about Nissan's quailty lately.

  11. [sigh] The current generation 2010 Toyota Prius uses a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack. The 2012 Nissan Leaf uses lithium-ion cells, as do the frew hundred plug-in versions of the Prius that Toyota will start testing later this year.

    But the absurd study that "Amazing Creaskin" refers to, which purported to show that a Hummer is greener than a Prius due to the nickel mining issue, has been conclusively debunked. Do your research, son.


  12. Vince: sorry if this is a duplicate comment. i got distracted by a phone call and started closing windows left and right… lol, don't post if i sent it earlier!

    this is my idea of a Prius coupe. the somewhat over the top quad exhausts would signal the electronic exhaust note option- a way to allow the driver to pick exhaust notes, and to alleviate the 'too quiet' pedestrian syndrome of hybrids in cities:


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