2011/12 Chevrolet Aveo?

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This prototype was caught testing in China, where a version of the Aveo is sold under another name.
So this might be what we’ll get over here as the next Aveo sedan, or not….

GM sure is working on a lot of small cars lately…

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  1. Without seeing the back end, this looks surprisingly good. It is the best implementation of the Chevrolet corporate front end to date.

  2. GM sure is working on a lot of small cars lately…

    Yeah, but will the U.S. see any of them? Not that I'd buy one, but lots of people might.

    Are the wheels in miniature or something? They look tiny!

    Small tires mean less rolling resistance for better economy and, in keeping with affordability, cheaper to replace.

  3. Not bad at all. Looks like GM will be the small car king in a couple of years: Spark, Viva, Aveo….the Cruze and Volt are a little bigger. Does Chevy really need the Impala anymore? Are they just keeping it around to sell to fleets because they no longer want to taint Buick as a rental car brand? The new LaCrosse is too good for that. The Malibu would be just fine as Chevy's flagship, leave the big cars to Buick and Caddy.

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