2011/12 Hyundai Elantra

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Looks like another slick sedan from Hyundai.
They seem to have adopted the “4 door coupe” look for most of their sedans, not just the new Sonata.
This already looks much more modern than the Corolla or Civic.

I guess we’ll see more and more in the coming months…

Click on the title for the link, and a picture of the interior.

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  1. very nice shape and stance. some commenters on insideline said they thought this might be the new accent sedan, competing with the new fiesta sedan??
    either way, looks good (and i hate the current elantra)

  2. Looks a lot more substantial and upscale than the current generation. The current Elantra looks too much like a Corolla wannabe. I hope I am not seeing a black plastic fakeout on the C-pillar though; I hate those things (they can make a nice design look really cheap). Overall, I hope this car is a nice balance of curve and angular elements: the current Elantra has an overly curvy, melted look. The interior looks promising.

  3. Wow….It's a great evolution of the current design! I don't mind the black plastic there though, it doesn't take up 3/4 of the side profile like the Sebring and the Mazda 6.

    I was wondering what they were going to do to keep this above the Forte. I'm sure it will get the same engines which means so will the Touring. If I can get the Touring with the Forte SX's 2.4 my dream would come true. Little power, no leather, and a 4spd auto were the only things keeping me away!

  4. "I don't mind the black plastic there though, it doesn't take up 3/4 of the side profile like the Sebring and the Mazda 6."

    You forgot the huge one on the chevy cruze as well.

  5. This has to be better than the current frump mobile with that stupid shape…Maybe this'll look like a baby Lexus GS.

  6. I think it looks pretty good so far.

    Vince, I hope that this looks more modern than the current Civic seeing as how that vehicle has been on the market since late 2005. The 9th generation Civic will be released when this vehicle is so they will have some tough competition. The 8th generation Civic is by far the best yet, so I don't think Honda will dissapoint with the 9th generation.

  7. Hyndai's "adventuresom" stylists have created some of the most atrocious & hidous designe (new Tuscon, previous Tiberon & genesis Coupe) as well as some of the best designs in the industry; (Genesis Sedan, last 2 Sonatas & the upcoming one; the minivans). Note to Honda & Toyota: No Guts / No Glory. And right now Hyundai/Kia are getting pretty good at stealing your glory!

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